01 February 2008


No not the restaurant, it's really Friday! Oh yeah and speaking of the restaurant I was going over there the other day to meet a friend for lunch and the darn thing was closed, a big note on the door saying the owners repossessed the property!!!! Crazy, I was really wanting their food but we went to Macaroni Grill instead and pigged out! haha

Okay so being that I started this blog and named it Getting Crafty, I guess I better get my butt in gear and do something crafty! Soooo my plan for the weekend is to do to some scrapbook layouts. I know I won't add pictures yet because I still have yet to finish organizing them but I figured I can use my CriCut and get crafty. I'm anxious to see how they will come out and I'll take pictures and post them on Monday. So *fingers crossed* the layouts won't be a total mess and I'll be happy on Monday and I'll feel accomplished. :)

Another thing I "plan" to do is work out over the weekend, or at least tonight but knowing me I will find some sort of excuse not to get on the treadmill. So at least I'm thinking about it, right? Haha, if only thinking about it can help me shed the pounds as much as actually getting on the treadmill. No such luck huh...

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