26 February 2008

Slacking off

Sorry guys, I didn't get a chance to post yesterday and of course I forgot the camera to post my creation from the weekend. I really need to get better at remembering that thing. I usually have it in my purse or car but it's been acting up with the batteries going dead every other day.

Speaking of cameras, I found the ultimate camera and I would love, love, love to have it, but it's in excess of $1100 so I don't see myself getting it anytime soon. But I can dream darn it! By the way if you have checked out the blog of "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" you really need to read up on it. She has great photos, she's a wonderful writer and a great cook, so you can read and get great recipes and look at her awesome photography! Her blog is http://thepioneerwoman.com Other things are not so exciting, I'm still blog surfing all day, but at the same time working... I really do work, I promise, but as most people around her say, I'm just efficient at what I do. I do it faster than anyone and then I'm bored. I told you! I work, but I'm quick, like Speedy Gonzales! haha Remember that cartoon? Andale, andale, arriba, arriba! :) I love cartoons! Most recently it's been SpongeBob Squarepants at my house though, my littlest thinks he's hilarious for some reason. Geesh, I got way off topic didn't I, I completely forgot where I was going with that.

Ironic, because this morning on the radio they were talking about a new study on men and women and which one had the best memory. I know that I don't have a good memory, you can tell me something and I'll forget 3 minutes later because of all the other stuff I'm trying to remember but I surely remember when someone gives me attitude and I can hold a grudge forever! But the study revealed that women have a better episodic memory than men. Meaning women have a better short term memory, I beg to differ but men have a more photographic, visual memory, which I really don't contest to but they argued about it for a while this morning and I don't think anyone really agreed either way.

So on to more interesting things, hummm can't really think of any, I'm so entertaining, aren't I. I am just blowing up with enthusiasm from being at work. Well I guess I'm preparing for a house-full of inlaws, cousin-in-laws and my parents over the weekend. YAY! I'm so happy when they all come down, I love having a full house, my father in law in retiring and congratulations to him, I know he's more than excited. But a good question is.... What do you get a retiree for a gift? I expect comments but we'll see if you all you help a lost soul in shopping for a retiring father in law. :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

I read Pioneer Woman quite regularly, and the Marboro Man Sandwich is one of my favorite recipes! You asked me about glue . . . I use my ATG gun for most things. If I think embossed to flat won't hold too well with the ATG, I use a glue dot. I hope that helps!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

OK, an ATG gun is a huge gun (it looks ridiculous the first time you see one), that holds double sided tape. I do A LOT of crafting, so I love having it. I go through a lot of double sided tape. Here's where I got mine from: http://framingsupplies.com/3M/3MATGTape.htm

Don't get me wrong, they're expensive, and so are the tape refills, but like I said before, I use a lot of adhesive!

Before I used the ATG gun, I used a double sided tape runner from Creative Memories. You have to buy those directly from a consultant or you can buy them on eBay. There's really nothing wrong with any adhesive. It's just personal preference. I hope that helps!