28 August 2008

Long weekend ahead!

WOOOHOOO, long weekend. I love em'! I'm taking tomorrow off and we get Monday off so I'm off to have four days of scraptastic fun! I can't wait!

I want to say first that I got a new job!!! Woohoo, on Kirtland Air Force base again, I love working with the Soldiers and their families so I'm really excited about that! It's a long drive from my house but well worth it! My last day at my present job will be the 12th, so after that I'm not sure how frequent my blogging will be... :(

Anyhow.... I have another page, I'm not sure about it though, it seems like it's missing something.... hummmm Regular solid YELLOW paper, I'm not a yello fan so this is strange for me...
I got these {} stickers on the half off sale at Hobby Lobby a while back, and the Shamu was part of a brochure.
This ribbon was on the $1 rack at Hobby Lobby, it's a simple addition...
I stamped believe, but it didn't come out as dark as I wanted... Believe is the title of the Shamu show....
It seems like it's missing something but I don't know what. We'll see if I change it...
Have a nice weekend, I'm out for the week....
Happy scrapping! :)

27 August 2008

A card and a page??? Geesh!

I got a few things done yesterday and I know I'm not a card maker but my daughter wanted to make her teacher a birthday card but didn't have time lastnight since we were watching Penelope --(Great movie by the way-it had a great moral to the story). So after she went to bed I decided to suprise her with a card that I made for her teacher. I did the card late last night and the page was done a few days ago but geesh... I got two things in one day to post here! :)

First off, Happy Birthday Ms. Hernandez!This base pink circle paper is 3 Bugs from a RAK that I got from Wendy and the white polka dots paper I got on sale at Hobby Lobby. The Pink polka dots square and the cupcake I re-used from a card I had in my stash, and the flowers are Prima of course!
I used my threading water punch for the edge--man I love that thing! I added the square from the original card, rounded the edges and double taped it on.
This little tab of ribbon I also got from Wendy. I popped up the cupcake on dots, they didn't pop too high though... oh well.. it's still cute!

The HB is some of my favorite chipboard letter stickers from Hobby Lobby, on sale, 1/2 off.... I love them because you can color them or leave them white and they always look good. I added the rest of Happy Birthday with a white gel pen.

Next......The page is a layout I did using the girls pictures after a looooong day of being at SeaWorld. They were, to say the least.... TIRED! Pooped out! Wasted! Barely keeping their eyes open... Okay maybe not that bad but it was tiring! :)

Plain white 12x12, I arranged the pictures how they fit without cutting off faces, ears, parts of the body, etc. :)I put this ribbon all around the edge of the right side, I wanted it to look "rough", not all prim and proper, so I stapled it to the paper with some teal colored staples. I got a Crayola fat marker in teal and wrote their names and ages along with the 2007 on the bottom...
I also used that Crayola marker to color in the white sticker chipboard (the same kind as on the card) so it matched. I like it! :) The brown is a oil chalk that I used to just swipe over the areas so the background wasn't so white and boring... I think I might still go back and add some more brown, I want to darken the edges all around and do a thick outline of the tired? portion. :) I might have an update for this one.
**P.S. sorry about the blurry pics, I'm not used to using my husband's camera... :)

26 August 2008

Is it Monday again????

What the heck is going on???? It's one of those days! Where I just want to be out of work, at home, sleeping, with nobody bothering me... recovering from a broken toe! Yeah I know, how do you break a toe???? Well a certain dog... cough... Amora... cough.... was prancing playfully in the dining room yesterday chewing on a piece of a Barbie set my daughter got for her birthday...

I went to "shoo" her out of the corner with my foot and instead slammed my foot right into the dining room chair! CRACK! My second to smallest toe on my right foot is now broken, bruised and swollen, it also got my middle toe a bit bruised! Who would've thought??!!??

Ugh, so that puts a crimp in my working out, but not my scrapping! hahahahaha..... So here's my page for today!

Again... loving the black and blue, this time I added a punch of pink! I love the way these papers tear with the solid white edge too! :)
Soooo I added some chipboard sticker parenthis to the clear bubble sticker... cute! I also used my white pen to edge the torn papers a bit, just some squiggles.
I also did my journalling in the white pen, I have a hard time adding journaling to my pages, not sure why since I can talk like no tomorrow, and write and type for days on end.... ???? anyone got an answer for me??? I added our SeaWorld tickets, cuz you know.. I save EVERYTHING! I'll have you know, I didn't carry my regular purse for this trip, I instead carried a sort of beach bag thing, it's corduroy, black, cute, and it matches everything, but anyway I have one seperate pocket that while on the trip I added momentos just as admission tickets, cute receipts, tags, etc... just for "in case"... :)

Andddddd trecking along, I still have yet to get ANY comments on my other blogs, well I'm suprised I get a few here, so please feel free to PIMP out my blogs to others, let them know I'm here and I need LOVE! Lots of it! You never know when I'll give another prize away like I gave to CAROL! Rock on Carol, I {heart} you!

Oh yeah and if you're wondering why I have pictures all of a sudden today, after yesterday's rant.... it's because I stole my husband's camera!!! Shhhh, don't tell him :)

25 August 2008

Now what?

I'm frustrated. My camera is completely full of pictures in the internal drive--granted it only holds about 35 pictures in there, it's FULL! My 2 gig SD card is also FULL! I don't want to get the photos all developed right now since it's going to be about $200 or more to get them all done.... BUT.... I have more pictures I want to take and I can't, which means until I either buy another SD card or get these all developed there will be NO pictures of my own on this or my other blogs.... sad huh?

Geesh! I knew it was getting close to this point but we took the girls swimming yesterday and filled up the only space on the internal drive I had left. I've gone through all 2600 pictures on the SD card to see if there are some I could "delete" but I wouldn't even dare do it!

So... I did this really cute page or 2 or 3 this weekend but I can't show them to you!!! Ugh... talk about frustration level through the roof here!

Anyhow, I guess I'll update my other blogs, go check them out if you got a chance....

And I'll leave you with a few blogs to check out as well...

**Go check out Carol she does awesome cards and scrap pages here and there!
**Go check out Lauren although not a crafty blog, she sure is witty and cute!
**Go check out another Lauren she's crafty and a runner! (I envy her) :)
**Go check out Nit she's a great writer, teacher and fellow scrapbooker!
**Go check out Sasha she's also a scrapbooker and she does some awesome pages!

Have fun blog hopping and happy crafting! I hope to resolve my "issue" soon so I can post more pics... but for now... sorry.. :(

22 August 2008

We are all Stars!

I really think we were all meant to be famous at one point, and maybe... just maybe we'll get the chance.... But for now, let's just look at these stars. :)

This patterned paper is truly too cute but it didn't take photos well... boooooo.... anyhow, I used both sides of the papers and then a solid for this. The flowers were on one side and the stripes on the other, they made a pretty good match I guess.
I cut the stars and the letters from my cricut using Making the Grade and my Basic George carts. I used both the outlines and the solids of the stars.... I don't like wasting paper :) The yellow chipboard was from my stash... a little but of pop...
The yellow that's shown here is much more orangey than what it shows in these pics....
I cut the You're short and used Text writing... :)
Don't forget to check out my new blogs, I'll be updating them Monday thru Friday like I do this one. Enjoy and happy crafting and happy Friday! woohoo....

21 August 2008

New Blogs!

I created TWO new blogs...

One is about my weight loss goal... check it out, join in... leave a comment... motivate me to get my ass in gear! Help a sista out! :)

The other is my new layout blog. I'm creating layouts that match my pages that I post here. Sounds funny right? But I always have a hard time looking at someone else's pages/layouts and seeing what I can create with it. Mostly because their colors throw me off or what not... So I am making basic layouts so you can use on your scrapping. :) Do with it what you will, maybe it's just my scrapping outlet... :)

It's cold in here!

Why is it that in the summer they crank up the AC so much that everyone is freezing their toes off, then when it's cold they either don't put the heat on enough or they put it on so much that we're sweating????

It's like we can't win! I hate it... So here I am in my office, freezing, cold, having to drink HOT coffee to stay warm (By the way I just spilled it on my WHITE shirt!!! Probably because my face was so frozen it was numb and I didn't feel the cup against my lips!) and it's freaking 95 degrees outside! Does that even sound a little bit okay???

So in honor of freezing temperatures on hot days I give you the Polar Bears living in San Diego! A little bit of what I like to callllllll.... Polar BURRRRRR! :)

I really love the blue, black and white combo lately. I have done a few... and I love them! This was a basic Royal blue background.... from some paperpack that I got for Christmas like 2 years ago.. :)
I added this chipboard, it was only white and blue but I got a black sharpie and squiggled around it it messily to incorporate the black color so it would match...
I also squiggled all around the pictures with a black sharpie, my white pen and a black pen... I did the same on the white letters that were cut from my Making the Grade Cricut cart. The arrow I free handed on a white paper then cut it out with the xacto knife so you can see the messy lines.
I matted all three pictures twice, once with black and once with white, I put my favorite photo on the top, making it the focal point.
I found this little button snowflake in my button stash, it's real glittery but the picture doesn't show it well... darn...

Anyhow... I love the layout and I'll be getting lots more done through the week and the weekend. :) Happy crafting!

Oh yeah and I'm so proud of myself.. I got my ass up and ran lastnight on the treadmill for 30 minutes! yikes... it's amazing that I'm walking at all today! : )

20 August 2008


Alllll day I have been searching the internet for a GOOD, WORKABLE, 3 column Blogger layout and NOTHING! Either the template didn't work or it worked but the outcome was not what it was supposed to look like, they screwed up my already choppy page, etc., etc., etc.......

So in the end, after about 5 hours of searching and testing and everything else, I lost the one template that I just had for the last month! I went back to pyzam to try to find it and couldn't soooo that's why I have THIS one now...

I'm not sure I like it... I'm still upset that I don't have 3 columns and aggravated that I've been staring at blog template sites all day.... ugh... so ... I .... QUIT! and this one will have to do... Because even after all that... my blog roll had to be redone as well as everything else on my sidebar! ugh...

Scrapcity is back up!

Yay... Scrapcity is back up.... they were adding updates, but now that they're back they're giving away some blog candy on their blog... check it out HERE!

ALSOooooo, I'm in the middle of changing my template againnnn, so so sorry but I need something with a 3-column layout and I am not happy with this one either, so I'm working on it...


Yummy Cotton Candy!

My girls love this stuff... What they love even more is that it comes in a million different colors now! However they always revert back to the original PINK! :) And I love this picture of Mikayla. She was eating that Cotton Candy like it was going out of style, she almost forgot where she was, she got lost in the moment and almost missed Shamu swimming behind her back and forth..... :)

I did the same sort of distressing with the Xacto knife as the last layout, I just cut strips and then went around the edges...
Using the same patterned papers as the strips I cut out the circles, distressed them a bit and added them up top. I also used some more ProvoCrafty chipboard for the YUMMY... :)

I will be starting ANOTHER blog soon... I'm just unsure whether it will be the documentation of my weight loss journey ooooorrrr if I want to create a scrapping layout blog, only giving out layout ideas, giving people the chance to post their own layouts and such so we can scraplift back and forth... :) I'll update ya later on that.. For now... happy scrapping!

19 August 2008

WINNER!!! That's ME!

Yay.... I am sooo into blog hopping all over the place, I generally check out blogs that entail lots of photography, crafting, food or shopping! So one that I frequent to as a "lurker" is Within the Corners of My Kitchen and boy do I love this place, it's everything I just mentioned alllll rolled up into one blog! She gives so many GREAT ideas, shopping places, Recipes, you name it, it's there!!!! What's best for all your frugal gals is that she frequently has giveaways! And this time I WON! YAY for me.... you can check out what I won at her blog, Within the Corners of My Kitchen and see for youself what a great place it is... I'll post it when it here when it arrives! :)

Thanks so much Damaris! I can't wait for it to arrive! :)

18 August 2008

Yay, my MOJO is back...

For a while at least! Swimming in the Olympics is over so I can somewhat concentrate on getting back in my office and getting some pages done...

However I did realize that I'm going to be spreading out my layouts so I make sure there is something crafty every day. Usually I go on these 10-15 page layout rages over the weekend and then post them ALL on Monday... But I decided I will still do my 10 page rage on the weekend but only post 1 or 2 a day during the week so there is a layout every day. Got it? :)

So this is one of the layouts I got done over the weekend and I love it! It took a littler longer than I thought it would but I love the outcome of it. And the best part is that I got to incorporate NINE pictures on one page!

I don't remember where I saw a similar layout but I really like this!
These are ProvoCraft chipboards (above), I just added the matching pink behind it so it was more visible.
I used the Xacto on all the edges after rounding the corners, I like the rough edges! It breaks it up with the little bit of white that shows through.
You like? I do... I do... These 2x2 pics worked so good with this layout and zero-ing in on the most important part of these pictures!

Love it....

As far as everything else... I'm yet AGAIN, starting a new diet/workout plan today. I am really discouraged that I'm wayyyy above my BMI and considered OBESE! ugh.. I know it's nothing to plan my life around but ohhhh how I feel the extra weight on me, and it's so depressing sometimes. I hate that I have to try clothes on a few times before I find something that is somewhat okay to wear....

So I'm going back to my old Army ways and running! As much as I hate running and worry about my knee, I have to do it, it's the only thing that gets the weight off for me. So if I'm grumpy, you'll know why!

15 August 2008

I have so MUCH of nothing.....

that I didn't even post yesterday!!! I don't know what's wrong with me... Wait...yes... I know! It's the Olympics! Never have I been so into watching them, but I guess watching Michael Phelps win every race he is in and getting gold in every race he wins and breaking the World Record every time he get a gold in every race he wins- WHEW! It's insanely exciting! He's like a freaking Dolphin or something!AN EXTREMELY GOOOOOD LOOKING DOLPHIN! Geesh! So this is the reason for my lack of craftiness... it's all HIS fault! :) He won his 6th gold medal today!

Alright, that's all for now... enjoy the picture! You can OOOOhhhh and AAAAhhhh it all day long if you want.. yeah go ahead... I let you!

Oh by the way... see over there on the right side of my blog... I added a little chat box thing-a-ma-jig, you can leave a message, comment, joke.. whatever... :) I thought it would be fun for those of you that sometimes have trouble with your computers bring up comment boxes... not mentioning any names.. COUGH-Carol-COUGH... I hate my computer for the very same reason sometimes! :)
Love ya, happy crafting this weekend and happy Phelps' watching! :)

13 August 2008

I have nothing.. nothing... nothing....

If I don't have youuuuuuuu.... Good song... and oh so true on this Wednesday...

I'm sorry but I have close to nothing for you today(not to say that the links below are nothing... they're awesome). Not only have I lost my mojo for scrapping lately but I have also lost my will to breathe... I mean work... haha... Okay I've been LAZY, and getting the girls ready for school, and making appointments, and of course watching the Olympics, so no time for crafting...

But I did manage to surf blogs all day and these are the ones that I found quite interesting... Hope you enjoy them... They surely helped me to use up some of my day today. :)

I start here: Stampin' When I Can and they have a bunch of great sites that I venture off to... most of them are crafty but there are a few on the blog rolls that aren't and I've been going through them.

These are the ones that caught me today:
Heather's Coffee Break
Love is Happiness Given Back and Forth
Big Ideas From A Little Girl
Bad Girls - which is almost like ScrapCity....
Taylor~Made by JenMarie
My Time, My Creations, My Stampendence

Alright, that's all for now... and I'm just gonna say it now that I probably won't have much for you tomorrow. I have do some digging in my office for paperwork for a meeting tomorrow.. ugh.. I hate this crap!

Happy Hump Day!

12 August 2008

Ready to Learn and Get Some Knowledge!!!

What's that line from??? huh???? Can you guess?

Well I say that because today... was... the first day back to school! Yikes the summer flewwww by! But the girls were ready and I'm sure they had tons of fun today, they're getting out right now, I'm still at work otherwise I would have got them myself. :(

So here they are!!!! 1st and 4th graders! And my wanna be school-ager...
They picked their own clothes for today and they did a great job... :)
This is RARE! Rare as rare can be... A photo of Alex smiling. I don't even remember what we told her to make her smile but I'm glad I'm quick with the camera! haha

Look at Ms. Snazzy here! She is too much! I just want to squeeze her!
And little Ms. Peanut... all dressed in pink! She's so funny... She reallyyyyy wanted to start school today... :(
Here's Mikayla almost out the door after I put some clips in her hair... She's ready to go with her Camp Rock backpack. :)

Here's the little one... I caught her with her eyes half closed... darn... but she has her Barbie lunchbag with sliced apples.... She brought this along with her while we took Mikayla to school. :) too cute!

Sorry for the lack of craftiness here but I've been busy getting these girls ready oh yeah and busy being lazy. :) I'll have to get some mojo back. :)

11 August 2008

Monday again?

Boy did that weekend go too fast!

Friday ended up being a girl's night out, most of the time was spent in the limo and it was fun!

Saturday was Nevaeh's birthday the big THREE years old, so I had to get up and pick up food and the cake and get stuff wrapped and cooked.. It was crazy just like always for birthday parties. It was Elmo themed so I had an idea of making an Elmo cake, I ordered a plain cake at Costco and thought I would decorate it myself. Wellllll, I didn't give myself a whole lot of time to create this masterpiece. And to top it off we had a box of frozen hamburger patties fall smack in the middle of the cake.

I could have cried, Nevaeh just said... My cake fall? Oh I felt so bad, but I promised her that I would fix it... and I did! :)
Not too shabby eh? Not bad for a last minute, figure it out, gotta fix a hole in the cake deal? right? haha
She gets shy when you sing Happy Birthday to her...
She had a hard time blowing out the candles, but she ended up getting some help. :)
I just love when the big kids play along... It makes it so much more fun for the little ones. :) Thanks Guys!
She really made out on presents this year. She got a DS and an MP3 player.... what 3 year old do you know wants a DS and an MP3 for their THIRD birthday? I know! But I didn't buy them, don't get on me! Gifts from friends!
So she said her DS is Snazzy because it's sparkly red! haha..

What else did she think was snazzy? This dress that she got out of her NEW dress up trunk. That's what I got her!
This girl lovesssss dress up and tea parties. She put this on about 5 minutes after opening all her presents, she stayed in it all night and most of the day yesterday...
She has a trunk full of dress up clothes now, she loves it!

It was so hot yesterday that they ended up playing in the water again, they love it!
I love that they are so close, they get along so well and they have so much fun together!
She loves the sprinkler!
And this one loves to pose for pictures!
Again with the hokey pokey.. you put your foot in.. you put your foot out.... haha :)

Happy Monday!