11 August 2008

Monday again?

Boy did that weekend go too fast!

Friday ended up being a girl's night out, most of the time was spent in the limo and it was fun!

Saturday was Nevaeh's birthday the big THREE years old, so I had to get up and pick up food and the cake and get stuff wrapped and cooked.. It was crazy just like always for birthday parties. It was Elmo themed so I had an idea of making an Elmo cake, I ordered a plain cake at Costco and thought I would decorate it myself. Wellllll, I didn't give myself a whole lot of time to create this masterpiece. And to top it off we had a box of frozen hamburger patties fall smack in the middle of the cake.

I could have cried, Nevaeh just said... My cake fall? Oh I felt so bad, but I promised her that I would fix it... and I did! :)
Not too shabby eh? Not bad for a last minute, figure it out, gotta fix a hole in the cake deal? right? haha
She gets shy when you sing Happy Birthday to her...
She had a hard time blowing out the candles, but she ended up getting some help. :)
I just love when the big kids play along... It makes it so much more fun for the little ones. :) Thanks Guys!
She really made out on presents this year. She got a DS and an MP3 player.... what 3 year old do you know wants a DS and an MP3 for their THIRD birthday? I know! But I didn't buy them, don't get on me! Gifts from friends!
So she said her DS is Snazzy because it's sparkly red! haha..

What else did she think was snazzy? This dress that she got out of her NEW dress up trunk. That's what I got her!
This girl lovesssss dress up and tea parties. She put this on about 5 minutes after opening all her presents, she stayed in it all night and most of the day yesterday...
She has a trunk full of dress up clothes now, she loves it!

It was so hot yesterday that they ended up playing in the water again, they love it!
I love that they are so close, they get along so well and they have so much fun together!
She loves the sprinkler!
And this one loves to pose for pictures!
Again with the hokey pokey.. you put your foot in.. you put your foot out.... haha :)

Happy Monday!


Lauren said...

Super cute and so fun! I love the tushy shot.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Wow! My girls don't even have a DS or an MP3 player! Man, we need better friends!!

She is ADORABLE! The cake is FANTASTIC! We love Elmo in this house! I have to show my oldest daughter that cake! She's loved Elmo for 12 years now!

Love the dress up trunk! How fun is that!

Looks like the party was a GREAT success!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I just showed my oldest daughter the cake, and she would like one for her birthday in February! Thanks so much, Liz!! Hee hee!!