27 March 2008

Geesh... What a day!

Well what do you know, I told my new Supervisor I was bored and I needed more work, and he actually gave me more work. The nerve of that guy! haha... I'm so glad though, my day went by so much faster, I mean I still had time to check out some blogs but geesh, I never knew 5 p.m. could come so fast! YAY!

Shopping went well yesterday, I was at Hobby Lobby for wayyyy too long but it was good, scrapbook paper was half off and some other good things were 15% and 25% off so I made out like a bandit! I got some paper, some photo storage boxes, project organizers, 3 glitter paints, stickers, a set of stamps, some desk drawer liners, foam letters, a circle cutter, some ribbons and a ribbon box for all under $40! I mostly love the ribbon box, it was originally $17 but I got it for $7 and it's an Alphabet Ribbon Box ( I don't have time to google it and get a link-sorry), but it is great, and it came with 26 ribbons, all with the letters on there.

So I am tired today from staying up late playing in my office with my new stuff and I got busy today so I'm wore out now... :) But I'm not complaining, I'm busy!

So sorry for no pictures yesterday and today, but I'll have some later. I'm ditching work tomorrow to hang out with the girls on their last day of Spring Break and we get to go see Nemo on Ice tomorrow! :) So I'll definately have pictures of that! We're going to a little friend's birthday Saturday and we are doing a little get together birthday party for my oldest on Sunday. We also have my inlaws over this weekend for a visit so it will be a FULL weekend, I hope to start scrapping soon! Love ya and have a great weekend!

Okay... I found a picture... this was last year sometime driving up to my mom's house in Northern New Mexico. Isn't it beautiful?!!!!

26 March 2008

Going shopping today!

Yay, I'm going to take the girls to Hobby Lobby after work today and I already can't wait. I have to get some storage containers for my stickers and embellishments for the scrapbooks. I hope I find some cute ones. Anyway I think what I do lack in my scrapbook collection of "stuff" is ribbon. I just can't find many that I like though, so I'll try to find some more today. Actually I saw some last weekend at the Dollar Tree, which is a great place to grab stuff if you're on a budget. So we might also stop there on the way home. I guess I'm just in the shopping mood and I am anxious to get my scrapbooking started. The girls are on Spring Break this week so I have some extra time after work to not do homework and I can actually sit in my office and get some stuff done.

Today wasn't the most eventful day, although I had a great lunch with my friend from work. I have to give her a "shout out" because she is absolutely a great friend, she is genuine and best of all she listens to my constant jabbering about nothing. So, thanks Theresa! :) Annnnd you know what, we had a Book Fair thing at work last week and I wanted to buy sooo much stuff because they had some scrapbooking stuff and I love books, so I got the girls some books of course and got me a pack of scrapbook paper. Well my friend Theresa snuck down to the fair while I went to lunch and she bought me a scrapbook with a graduation scrapping kit! Can you believe? I couldn't, I almost broke down in tears. When I got back from lunch she had left it on my chair with a Thank you note! Forget it, the waterworks were about to start, so I had to rush down to her office and tell her thankyou! I love it because it's the same Royal Blue color as my highschool colors were, so I get to add in all my highschool photos in it. Well I got off subject, I was telling you about lunch, we went to eat at the hotel across the street, had the Mixed Berry Salmon Salad! I have to say, this salad is the ONLY salad that I would be able to eat on a daily basis. I love it! It's mixed greens, tomatoes, strawberries, big chunks of Salmon and a rasberry vinagarette. It's truly awesome and I had "intended" to only eat half and bring the rest back for later, but that didn't pan out the way I wanted to. Instead I ate the whole dagum thing in one sitting! Well at least it was healthy! :)

So no pictures today, I'm about outta here and off to Hobby Lobby so have a great Hump Day and see you back here tomorrow! Adios!

25 March 2008

Another Monday?

No way! I have had another Monday today. I can't remember anything, I couldn't right legably today, I can barely talk, I can't believe I can type! I don't know what's wrong with me??? Okay I'm over it, I don't want to dwell in my inability to communicate with other humans....
So I was busy today, why, you ask? Probably because I let work pile up for about a week and a half just so I could have a busy day. Yeah that lasted all of 3 hours today. Please, if you have a job like this, I want to hear about it, chat with me, comment, send me stuff, anything, really, I'm serious. I can't think of anyone I have ever known or will know that would have even had a job like this. I am in awe that they pay me to blog and search the web. I had a meeting today with my soon to be boss--my current one is retiring--and he said... What do you want from me? I said... WORK would help! He laughs because I am blunt with him, but he was the one that said I needed to be honest with him. Second question, Where do you want to go, where would you like to move up in this company? -- Really he asked me that. I said well, I'd really like to go work in Italy with blankity blank's group, and as for moving up in the company, I have thought about moving up, but just not with this company. Hummmm an odd silence entered here.... and went on to about...... here.... Soooooooo is the meeting over? Yeah right, I wasn't that lucky, I think he was shocked but he just was as shocked that I've been sitting here more than a year with nothing to do. So I mean really, what's he going to do? Fire me? I doubt it, I really do alot of work for alot of people, supporting about 100 people but it's that I'm sooooo efficient---as my friend put it. haha..

Okay enough about work, I need a quick fast solution to lose 30 pounds before next Friday! I have a wedding to go to and I am bound to see a million people from Highschool and my home town there. Okay maybe not a million being that my graduating class had a whopping 32 people! But anyway, I need to slim down in a week, can you say procrastination? Yup, that's me, so I intend to re-introduce myself to these people that "used" to be my friends like this---hello, I'm still Liz, and this is the 30+ pounds I've gained since I last saw you.... good day.

I wish I could be like those people on Biggest Loser and lose like 12 pounds in a week, yeah that would work, I'd be happy with that.... YEAH RIGHT!

Okay so have you noticed my hastily voice (see I can't talk--I don't even think that makes sense) Anyway, I'm a bit on edge, I wasn't going to post about this but I figured I should somewhat explain myself. I've been on edge and about to rip out my hair and hang all my kids by their toes because I'm just a bit stressed out... why? Because this week/last week would have been my delivery date of another baby. I miscarried in July of 07 and I had a due date of March 19/20, but I always deliver a week late, so it would have been this week probably, today more than likely. And I'm stressed. So there.

So this is where I wish I was, at the beach laying out, without a care in the world. Join me!

24 March 2008

RAK at Crazy for Crafting!

Okay so there are 2, count em 2 giveaways at Crazy for Crafting and I want to win Number 1 so we had to post a picture of us and how we look today. So this is me, today, at work, with the Crazy for Crafting site up, and the goodies I would like to win. YAY. I thnk I was supposed to post the picture on her comments section but I can figure it out... So here it is!

haha.. Yeah can you tell I do LOTS of work! I had to try to be sneaky cause my camera is a bit loud but I got the shot! :)

My weekend....

Well, lets just say that my weekend was tiring! Friday I had planned to take off from work, then had to come in for some meetings mid day, spent the afternoon with the girls and babysitting another girl. They were HYPER; and I got a HEADACHE! Haha, so nothing worked out for moving into my office on Friday. Then Saturday, same thing, hanging out with the girls, babysitting another girl, I ended up taking them to the park and trying to rest while they played for a few hours but that didn't happen, they drug me all over the park--Watch This! Watch This! So no resting on Saturday, then right when I thought... hubby is almost home, extra little girl almost picked up, I get some quiet reading time or just some time to sit on the couch.... Nope, I remember geez, we haven't colored eggs for TOMORROW! And hubby and said extra child's father decide to extend their day and go to Poker Night at the neighbors!

I get no rest I tell ya! So we colored eggs, and came out with this.....

So then, I think well, tomorrow won't be bad, we can rest and enjoy Easter, get my stepdaughter for a while, have cake and icecream-it was her 9th birthday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX! Nope, I was wrong again, we only got her from 10:30 to 1:30, so it was rush, rush, rush. We went bowling, had some food, and it was time to take her back to her mom's. So we ended up going to my husband's families' gathering, there were some confirmations and baptisms that they were having a reception for, so we ate some more, flew some kites, played in the park again. Annnnd right when I thought the day was over! Nope again, we went to the dollar movies and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks again. I guess getting an extra day off with Daddy we decided to wear him out! Sooooo I am taking some time off for ME tonight, since after putting on a tiring weekend, and staying up til 11 moving stuff into my office STILL, I think I need some ME time, and I'm sending daddy to take the girls shoe shopping. YAY!

20 March 2008

Today is MY Friday! Sorta....

Okay so today is Thursday but really sort of my Friday! YAY.... It's Spring Break time for the girls but the schools and their before/after school program obviously don't communicate or something! It's such a pain in my behind to deal with schedules for everyone. So today is their last day of school until the 31st, so no school tomorrow, but how dumb is it that the Spring Break Camp Program isn't available until Monday, not tomorrow! So instead of paying extra daycare money I'm taking the day off... Well, part of it, I have to come in midday and deal with some meetings and planning stuff for work, but other than that I'm free to roam! So my oldest daughter's birthday has Easter falling on it this year on the 23rd, so we had to schedule something for that too, although she's scheduled to be with her real mom we're trying to work something out. Anyway, we've been invited to a baptism for Sunday and I plan to do our regular Easter stuff, Saturday we color eggs, Sunday morning the Easter Bunny, i.e. Mother Hen Liz, delivers baskets... well not in the morning, more like in the middle of the night! So it's a full weekend like usual.

I also have to move the remaining items back into the office or in other various places in my house. Today and tomorrow I'll also be having my BFF's family over, she closed on her NEW house today so we'll take some stuff over there this evening and then again tomorrow and through the weekend.... New houses are FUN! :)

What else? What else? Hummmm, I'm sure I'll find something to do, I am reading a good book, One for the Money, so I'm anxious to get through that, and I plan to start some scrapbooking layouts but we'll see if I get everything moved back in! :)

But to finish off my week at work, that has seemed to take forever; I'm adding a "wish I was there" photo.....

This is the Air Force in 2006 for a show they did in Albuquerque, over Kirtland Air Force Base. Don't get me wrong, I am ALLLLL Army, but these pilots are insanely awesome! They do a great show and they do even greater work our country. I love watching them, they are extremely loud though and they sneak up on you! So I would love to sit and watch them fly all day, give me a good reclining chair, a blanket and cup of Sun Tea!!! :) Enjoy, Happy Easter and have a great weekend! Adios.

19 March 2008

More Pictures - Moving back in!

Yup, I was up til Midnight lastnight moving stuff back into my office, although when you look at my cluttered dining room table it doesn't look like I've made a dent. I don't think that half the stuff that was in my office actually belonged there, I think it was one of those magnetic black holes that just sucked up all the crap that we didn't feel like putting away! haha... Anyhow here are some pics of stuff that I've moved back in. I have to tell you again, I LOVE IT!

Above: The bookshelf, some of my favorite books, and some books I intend to read this year. Bottom shelf has lots of EMPTY scrapbooks, waiting to be filled!
Below: As pictured above the bookshelf, my 9-11 Tribute Book and my Pieta Statue that I got in Rome, just sending some extra love and prayers to all the victims and their families.

Above: The Hutch to the extra half-desk where my laptop will be, giving me a full desk to scrap on.
Below: A little blurry pic of the hutch with open doors, these are boxes and boxes of pictures! What's bad... is that this isn't all of the pictures that I intend to scrap!Below: A close up of the open space in the hutch, from left to right on top, my wedding candle from the wedding ceremony, Elvis from my brother, I love him, yes both my brother and Elvis! and my wedding topper and the tiara that I wore for the ceremony. Bottom, left to right is a picture of me and my Grandma, Muah-about 9 years ago, but I LOVE this picture of us, she's so darn cute! :) and my "P" so I can remember what my married last name starts with! haha, and last but not least a picture of me and my friend of 15 years, my BFF. I have more nice frames from my wedding in 2005 that I am filling with Family to put on the wall!

Above: The hutch over the lateral file, on the top of the hutch is my "toot my horn" area, all 3 of my degrees and my gold cords for graduating with honors! On the top shelf is random things to the left, a basket full of flowers, add ons, pop up stickers, misc. stuff really, second shelf, paper, adhesives, basket full of markers, pens, pencils, and crafting books standing upright. Bottom shelve is hard to see but there is a clear cylinder with buttons-half full, the starry pink box filled with chipboard and cards, some flowers in the small purple box, and projects to do or started in the pile of "stuff".
Below: One of the shelves in my main desk, top shelf is my label maker, Cricut cartridges, and hot works tool, second shelf is paper cutters and camera charger, third is my Cricut!

Below: One drawer in my desk, filled with scissors, paper clips, and my basket of my generic stamps that I have inherited from my girls. :)

18 March 2008

I love my new space!!!

YAY! I do have to say that I just Love, Love, Love my husband for dealing with my "office transformation" this week. I was determined to get it done so I was pushing him to the edge but 6 days later, it's done! And I won't bother him anymore! I won't even ask him to help me move my crap back in there! But I do have to say I LOVE IT! I can't even believe it's the office in my house! I can't believe it's the same space! If you don't believe me just look... Before & After I'll post more pics once I get everything in the room. After this weekend this blog will really turn out to be a "crafting" blog... I PROMISE!
In the meantime, this is where I wish I was today! On the boat, and this raft thing that we got from a friend. This thing is so fun! This is me and my cousin-in-law and 2 of my girls and one of his. It was great! Unfortunately though it's not warm enough to take the boat out YET! :) I'll try to post again later today if anything comes up.

17 March 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Not that I remembered or anything! Haha, I actually got all the girls clothes layed out this morning and then woke them up. My 5 year old, Mikayla then half asleep, informs me, it's St. Patrick's Day, I HAVE to wear green! Darn! I had to go and redo shirt layouts... I can't believe that she has to remind me of stuff, she's always on top of stuff, she remembers EVERYTHING! Okay so they all wore green and somehow Mikayla also managed to find me a green top in my closet to wear(let's just say that being in the Army and wearing green everyday for 4 years straight was enough green for my lifetime-therefore I stay away from green when I go shopping), she said I had to otherwise I would get pinched at work. I dare them to try and pinch me! I'd run them over with my big ole' truck... which by the way I don't think I have a picture of to post here... but it looks something like this. Except mine actually looks better, I think mine is lifted 2 more inches and it definately has better rims and tires! :) Yes, Little ole' 5 foot 1 inch ME drives this... It's my soccer mom-mobile, or bus as I also call it, but I LOVE IT and I had my husband search far and wide for this particular one/kind... So it's a keeper!

In other news, I am just about able to start reloading my office with all my stuff! YAY, my honey finished putting together almost all the furniture yesterday, minus the bookshelf but that's not too bad, I'm soooo happy, he even furnished it with some other pictures we had hanging in the TV/loft area but they are perfect for my office! So here is a pic when it was in progress, before he got all the doors on... let's just say it wasn't an easy or light task, he had to call the neighbor over to move it from the garage to the office, my wimpy butt couldn't pick the darn thing up! and below is the after, isn't it lovely?!? Darn it, the picture is blurry but oh well, it gives you the general idea! Anyway he moved my flag in there too, it matches perrrrfect! He knows that I am way beyond a "support our troops" person, I'm a die-hard GO ARMY gal(even though I hate green), so he bought this for me when we lived in Arizona and he also put this picture in the office.... So here are the other couple of the pictures
I love it! Don't you love it?! It looks so nice and put together and against the wall color the dark wood looks awesome. The only think left to do is turn the desk around so my back is against the wall with the Twin Towers picture. I don't like my back to the door and I'd rather not be sitting at my desk looking out the window at the stucco of my neighbor's house. haha... So let me know what you think!

14 March 2008

It's Friday - YAY!

Man oh Man has it been a looooong week! I have been waiting for Friday since Monday and now that it's here, I'm estatic, wondering what I will do all weekend. :) I'm not sure I can start moving my stuff back into the office but I hope so. We might have to wait until all the furniture is done so we can see how it all fits in there. I can't wait!

Anyway what are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun and exciting? I think a nice relaxing weekend with the girls will be fun enough for me, mixed in with laundry and ongoing potty training, I think the weekend will be busy. Nevaeh seems like she's got the hang of going on the potty, she's only had a few accidents but overall I'm impressed. Last night was our first "outing" without diapers and she did well, except she was wanting to go to the bathroom every ten minutes, I think it was more because she liked the automatic soap dispensers and automatic faucets. In the end it was a fun evening and I got to do a bit of gambling. :)

As for today though, nothing interesting, bored at work and nothing to do, I am tired of going through blogs and scrapbooking websites already. I'm ready to go lay down and take a nap.... so right now, this is where I wish I was, or at least this is what I wish I was doing...Man that was a mouthful, tongue twister thingy... BTW, this is Nevaeh at about a week old.

13 March 2008

What is wrong with me????!!!??

Okay, maybe it's not me but it seems like the stupid computer is against me! It keeps pausing or shutting down and now it's not detecting my camera. I'm really starting to get aggravated. I had new pictures to upload and while it's not working you're not seeing anything!

I can't believe this day, first nothing to do and then when I tried to work my computer gave me this pop up of "your computer will shut down in 30 minutes" and then began a countdown. I thought it was going to blow up. I almost wished it had, then they would have to get me a new one! :) UGH! And yesterday my darn digital picture frame conked out too! What's going on, maybe I have too much energy and I'm shutting down all my electronics? haha... I'm so aggravated with technology. Just like the ipod that still at home with no songs on it. Ughhh. Okay so my father in law put the desk together and we picked up the lateral file and the hutch today so it's coming together, slowly but surely and I can't wait! I'm so anxious to put everything back together and for it to be calm and serene and place that I actually want to go and sit in.

So whenever I can upload these pics I also have a few pictures of my dogs... One is Amora, she's about 16 months old, she's an English Bulldog that I got for my husband on our 1 year wedding anniversary, then it became a Valentines Day gift and his birthday gift for that year because when I sought out to get one for him I didn't realize they were so gosh darn expensive. The other pup is about 7 weeks old, his name is Romeo, and he's a shitzu that my dad got the girls for a gift. They absolutely love him to pieces too! So, way to go dad or as they call him, Pampo! Okay it's working... here they are... This is the desk, you can see the color of the walls on these...
It's so pretty! :) See... I told you we had double doors in there, you just couldn't see them before with all the junk! This is Romeo, the new addition. And this is Amora, Nevaeh's Cuddlebug.... :) Get it Romeo and Amora... We're keeping with a theme darn it.

12 March 2008

Another day, another dollar!

Another day in Paradise! Yeah right, I wish I could say that, but no such luck. Another day filled with boredom. I did manage to get some papers off my desk this morning but to no avail I still had about 7 hours to spend scanning the internet. Lucky me! Why? Because I had 7 fun filled “me” hours to search the internet for possible scrapbooking ideas and imagining what my scrapbooks will look like. I showed you the before pictures of my office/craft area and so far the new desk is put together, I’ll have pics tomorrow. But in the meantime all my stuff is piled high on my dining room table and I’m sure my husband is going all “neat freak” on me and wanting the stuff out of there fast so the house looks presentable again, so on his day off tomorrow maybe the rest of the furniture will get done! Yeah right, no such luck again. He said he’s going to be working outside. Which is good cause the backyard looks just as bad as my “before” pictures of my office! Haha. Anyway, once the office is done, I’m full speed ahead to scrapbooking central in my house! I can’t wait! I have so many ideas building up in my head and I print out tons of ideas that I can alter and make my own and I already have pictures in my mind of what the stuff will look like. I really cannot wait!

I have managed to sort through all of my photo CDs and organize them according to year and activity, can you believe it!?! Yeah, let’s just say that the total number of pictures is way beyond the thousands that I was thinking I had. I’m okay with it though, it’s job security! Gives me much more work to do in my future and I see years and years ahead of scrapbooking that I can do. Okay you might think I’m crazy but this is my idea….. I have three girls, all whom are very active in school, sports and being drama queens, so I take tons of pictures. I love my family and I plan to have one more baby in the future. What I want ultimately, is to scrapbook just about every picture I can, even if it means thousands of pictures later, I would like to have a Scrapbook Library per say. I want them to be able to look through them as they wish and remember the great memories we have as a family, vacations, school, home life, pets, etc. After I pass, years and years down the road, I want them to be separated as they wish or with my husband in a library where they can still see them and show their kids. I want the library to be a lasting memory and a place they can go and love….. So that’s my idea… crazy I know but I love the idea of it and I plan to in this lifetime have it as I wish! So there!

As for today, I’m just doing it one day at a time and hoping that it all goes according to planned… but in the meantime, this is where I wish I was today….. I'm leavinnnn on a jet plane.. don't know when I'll be back again! haha... it popped in my head sorry... but wouldn't it be so relaxing to be a balloonist and be able to go ballooning when you wanted and to just drift off and let your mind wander as you float miles and miles away....... aaahhhhhhhhhhh

11 March 2008

Migraine! & The office BEFORE!

I'm not sure what's going on but I have a major migraine today and as luck would have it I don't have any more meds at work for it. So I either can go home and get some during my lunch and come back to work or I can just not come back to work! :) I think a better option is staying home.... But before I do that I think I will add some photos of my "before" office. Be careful, it's a mess, well it was a mess before Sunday, when I decided to clear it completely out and paint. Me and my husband painted til about 10:30 p.m. but it was done, now I just have to wait for my furniture to be delivered! I can't wait. The order was completely messed up but I am over it, I just need the stuff already. After you see the pictures, you'll see why! This is what you see when you open the door--note, we have double doors that lead into the office, however, one is blocked by junk so therefore only one is openable :) See the brightly colored boxes, they are somewhat filled with scrapbooking stuff and pictures. Elvis in the back, I love him! This is what you see when you look slightly to the right of the above picture. You can see where the chair leaves off.... There is a "path" leading through the junk to the desk, which you probably can't see yet, the path isn't quite clear but it's there, sorta. Well at least my filing is labeled. Oh look there's my Cricut. Aaagghhh, there it is, the desk, the dreaded, hated desk, the desk with no storage, the desk that I didn't want, the desk that will soon furnish the new house of my BFF, minus all the junk. There is also the non-working printer/scanner taking up much needed room. All that stuff on the floor, it's a bin filled with schoolwork/projects from the girls, I downsized this to about half on Sunday. And this, this is the workspace I have. I long to see it leave me but oh well! There's that printer again, and oh look it's my sister and her family pictures... and my new Ipod that my brother got me, that has yet to get a song on there because I can't figure it out! YIKES! Oh yeah and look at the nice, safe places I keep my checkbook and passports! haha.... Can't wait to see the "after" pictures.

10 March 2008

Back to Monday - Daylight Saving???

Okay, so I'm totally confused as to what and why we do Daylight Savings Time? It's not saving me anything! And who's going to save me from falling asleep in the middle of typing a sentence and slamming my head into the keyboard? Who's gonna save me? Huh? Yeah, nobody knows! But I would like to know who came up with this concept of changing the clocks back and forth like Time is something to reckoned with, like we have they have the almighty power to trick the hell out of people into thinking it's later or earlier than it is. Let me tell you.... nobody is tricked! Instead they are all cranky ass tired and would like to go back to bed! haha... Cause I know I am about to pass out, I was perfectly fine in Arizona without the time changing and now it seems like there is no use to change the time. On the radio this morning it said that it take the average person about 4 days to readjust and get back to normal. So I think that if they make us change clocks then we should be entitled 4 days off from work to recooperate! :) Who's with me????

Okay, enough about that, I'm tired for some other reasons besides this DST thing but I'm sure that doesn't help at all! Okay I had a busy weekend, went shopping, cleaned out the office completely, and painted it! Noooowwwww if I could only find my camera cord I could upload the new pictures, I have pictures of a painting I did for my friend's husband and I also have the "before" pictures of my office. I am revamping it, before it was just a cluttered mess, no maybe not cluttered as much as hit by a tornado mess. Yeah... it looked more like tornado mess. Anyway I took the plunge and ordered allll newwww furniture for my office and it will be here tomorrow! YAY! I can't wait, but in the meantime my office is in my dining room and it's not very appealing.

In other news, Nevaeh might be potty trained for good this week, it only took me forever to find her size of panties on Saturday! Finding panties for tiny little butts is a pain in my big butt. I couldn't believe it, I shopped for about 4 hours and the entire 4th hour was dedicated to finding panties for my girls. Everything at the general stores were okay in the package but I took them out and geesh! They could have fit "Big Mama". It was ridiculous! Anyhow I found little Nev some Elmo and Princess panties and since she saw them she put them on and it's been pretty good since saturday, 2 accidents but other than that, great! So we'll see how it really went at daycare today. Yikes!

06 March 2008

Snow in the forecast?

Okay, it might snow in Albuquerque tonight and I guess you'll have the okay to blame me! Why? Because I was busy at work for 2 days in a row, I'm not sure that this has happened in the last year I've worked here. Amazing! Anyway I still have no crafts to post and I won't post another Wish I Was Here photo. But I am posting a Scratchboard I did of Marilyn Monroe when I was in high school. If you don't know, scratchboard is thin like cardstock paper (they make a thicker type now) and it's coated on one side with this black shiny or matte coating. It's white under the black so you scrape/scratch off the black in tiny strokes with an exacto knife, or your preferred sharp object. It's basically a negative-postive space, black and white thing. The picture of Ms. Monroe isn't that great but here it is. Do you get it now? Scratch on, scratch off, scratch on... haha sorry I just got to watch Karate Kid the other day and I got a slight rememberance of it. I have never watched that entire movie, when I told my husband that he about passed out! Sorry but I was only 4 when it came out and he was a whopping 7. So I guess that's what he was doing when I was all nerdy reading books at age 4, he was watching the damn Karate Kid and wishing he could fight with a broken leg and shit! hahahaha....
Anyway I hope you enjoy the blog... comment!!!!! email me!!! Something!!!! :) Enjoy your night!

05 March 2008

Busy day?

Yeah I guess it was a busy day, miracles doooo happen, because all of a sudden I looked a the clock and it was 4! How'd that happen? Well I came in today thinking I had nothing to do but low and behold I had a stack of things on my desk. Geesh! So I finished all that up, and got my day going, took a long lunch for a hydro-massage today. If you have never done this, you have to. It's those stupid capsule things that are in the mall, but the one I went to you don't have to lay face down and get that ring around your face from the "cushion". It was amazing, I didn't want to move after, I just wanted to stay there and fall asleep!

But I didn't, instead I came back to work and did some more work. I can't believe it. I had a busy day! Anyway, I didn't have time to write or look for crafts and all that junk today so I'm leaving you with another, Wish I Was Here Photo! Enjoy!

Venice? Ohhhh no, my dears, I tricked you, it's Vegas! My husband took me to Vegas last July and that was the first time I had been back to Vegas since I lived there when I was 8, roughly 20 years ago, 1988, Holy Cow! Back then I had only remembered Circus Circus and the apartment complex we lived in and going swimming every day! Now I have entirely new picture of Vegas. I wouldn't mind going back and I definately wouldn't mind bringing back some of that extra cash they got there!
I'll post some ACTUAL photos of Venice and my honeymoon cruise when I find the CDs. :) Remember, I'm still organizing all the thousands so be patient! Love ya!

04 March 2008

Why oh why....

Does work have to suck soooo much. I would love to do something that I love to do for a living but this, this job, just bites, in every meaning of the word SUCK. I have sat at work, doing nothing, well nothing work related anyway but I have managed to organize, get this..... 4000 pictures today. I have tons of pictures at home, you don't believe me huh? I have approximately 15,000 pictures on CD and printed out that I have taken through the course of my last 20 years, because I really started taking pictures when I was about 7.

So with all the downloading, editing, saving of all these pictures I thought I might add in a... Where I wish I was photo... Here ya go! Well you're probably thinking... "she wants to be on top of a rock" Well this is actually on the Tram in Albuquerque. The Tram is what locals call the Tramway, the world's longest aerial tramway transports and it's located right here in Albuquerque. My husband took me and the girls in 2005 and I found this beautiful picture while organizing. The Tram takes you to a point of 10,378 feet at the Sandia Peak and gives you an 11,000 square mile panoramic view of the Rio Grande Valley and the Land of Entrapment... I mean Enchantment. :)

So I hope you like my shot today and I hope to get more scrapping and painting done this week. Wish me luck!

03 March 2008

Okay... it's Monday... Blah!

Or should I say Blugh? Anyhow, I hate Mondays as I've mentioned before, especially after a weekend with a house full. The retirement party went great, we ended up with lots of extra food, it was Olive Garden though so I'm not complaining! haha. We also watched the UFC fights that night which me and my husband are totally addicted to. I took my husband last May for his 30th birthday to a UFC fight in Houston and it was soooo much fun! He got to run around and meet a bunch of fighers and I took pictures of him running around! Anyway I got completely off the subject... Darn I forgot where I was going with that.

Well I think that I'm making it a regular thing to post "I wish I was here" so I think it will be fun to do every couple of days, posting pictures of where I've been, both in and out of the Army and with my family and friends. So this is where I wish I was today.
The Vatican in lovely Roma! I say Roma because the funniest thing, in 2001 my mom, my brother, one of my sisters and my BFF had went to visit me in Germany, I took some personal leave for a few weeks and we drove around. One of the places being Rome, we were going to the Vatican and all the hot spots in Rome and on the way there we couldn't find our way into the correct tolling places, so we were stopped at a light and next to a guy on a scooter. I rolled down the window and asked him for directions to Rome, he looked at me as if I was crazy, he was confused, baffled and to say the least not quite understanding of the English language, so my mom asked him in Spanish, still saying "Rome", I uttered "RomA" and all of sudden the clouds parted, sun was shining, birds were chirping and he said "AAAHHHH ROMA!!!! That way!" like helllloooo I was saying it the wrong way! Haha, it was hilarious, maybe you had to be there, I just thought that Rome and Roma were pretty close to sounding the same. Guess not.
So I guess the reason I wish I was there is because the Vatican is an incredible work of art, the architecture, the paintings, the sculptures, everything about is is amazing. It leaves me in Awe just to look at it and I've had the wonderful pleasure of visiting there 3 times in the past 7 years. Each visit there was a different experience, once with a group of friends, once with the same group I mentioned before and once with my husband. But each time I do have to say that when I walked in the front doors I was overwhelmed with emotions. There is so much detail in all the work there that it's impossible to take it all in. So I really can't say that I've seen the same thing in all three trips, they were all unique trips and I got different emotions with all of them and I loved it all. So if you haven't been there, take the time in your lifetime to get there. It is a true work of art!