10 March 2008

Back to Monday - Daylight Saving???

Okay, so I'm totally confused as to what and why we do Daylight Savings Time? It's not saving me anything! And who's going to save me from falling asleep in the middle of typing a sentence and slamming my head into the keyboard? Who's gonna save me? Huh? Yeah, nobody knows! But I would like to know who came up with this concept of changing the clocks back and forth like Time is something to reckoned with, like we have they have the almighty power to trick the hell out of people into thinking it's later or earlier than it is. Let me tell you.... nobody is tricked! Instead they are all cranky ass tired and would like to go back to bed! haha... Cause I know I am about to pass out, I was perfectly fine in Arizona without the time changing and now it seems like there is no use to change the time. On the radio this morning it said that it take the average person about 4 days to readjust and get back to normal. So I think that if they make us change clocks then we should be entitled 4 days off from work to recooperate! :) Who's with me????

Okay, enough about that, I'm tired for some other reasons besides this DST thing but I'm sure that doesn't help at all! Okay I had a busy weekend, went shopping, cleaned out the office completely, and painted it! Noooowwwww if I could only find my camera cord I could upload the new pictures, I have pictures of a painting I did for my friend's husband and I also have the "before" pictures of my office. I am revamping it, before it was just a cluttered mess, no maybe not cluttered as much as hit by a tornado mess. Yeah... it looked more like tornado mess. Anyway I took the plunge and ordered allll newwww furniture for my office and it will be here tomorrow! YAY! I can't wait, but in the meantime my office is in my dining room and it's not very appealing.

In other news, Nevaeh might be potty trained for good this week, it only took me forever to find her size of panties on Saturday! Finding panties for tiny little butts is a pain in my big butt. I couldn't believe it, I shopped for about 4 hours and the entire 4th hour was dedicated to finding panties for my girls. Everything at the general stores were okay in the package but I took them out and geesh! They could have fit "Big Mama". It was ridiculous! Anyhow I found little Nev some Elmo and Princess panties and since she saw them she put them on and it's been pretty good since saturday, 2 accidents but other than that, great! So we'll see how it really went at daycare today. Yikes!

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