04 March 2008

Why oh why....

Does work have to suck soooo much. I would love to do something that I love to do for a living but this, this job, just bites, in every meaning of the word SUCK. I have sat at work, doing nothing, well nothing work related anyway but I have managed to organize, get this..... 4000 pictures today. I have tons of pictures at home, you don't believe me huh? I have approximately 15,000 pictures on CD and printed out that I have taken through the course of my last 20 years, because I really started taking pictures when I was about 7.

So with all the downloading, editing, saving of all these pictures I thought I might add in a... Where I wish I was photo... Here ya go! Well you're probably thinking... "she wants to be on top of a rock" Well this is actually on the Tram in Albuquerque. The Tram is what locals call the Tramway, the world's longest aerial tramway transports and it's located right here in Albuquerque. My husband took me and the girls in 2005 and I found this beautiful picture while organizing. The Tram takes you to a point of 10,378 feet at the Sandia Peak and gives you an 11,000 square mile panoramic view of the Rio Grande Valley and the Land of Entrapment... I mean Enchantment. :)

So I hope you like my shot today and I hope to get more scrapping and painting done this week. Wish me luck!

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