14 March 2008

It's Friday - YAY!

Man oh Man has it been a looooong week! I have been waiting for Friday since Monday and now that it's here, I'm estatic, wondering what I will do all weekend. :) I'm not sure I can start moving my stuff back into the office but I hope so. We might have to wait until all the furniture is done so we can see how it all fits in there. I can't wait!

Anyway what are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun and exciting? I think a nice relaxing weekend with the girls will be fun enough for me, mixed in with laundry and ongoing potty training, I think the weekend will be busy. Nevaeh seems like she's got the hang of going on the potty, she's only had a few accidents but overall I'm impressed. Last night was our first "outing" without diapers and she did well, except she was wanting to go to the bathroom every ten minutes, I think it was more because she liked the automatic soap dispensers and automatic faucets. In the end it was a fun evening and I got to do a bit of gambling. :)

As for today though, nothing interesting, bored at work and nothing to do, I am tired of going through blogs and scrapbooking websites already. I'm ready to go lay down and take a nap.... so right now, this is where I wish I was, or at least this is what I wish I was doing...Man that was a mouthful, tongue twister thingy... BTW, this is Nevaeh at about a week old.

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