13 March 2008

What is wrong with me????!!!??

Okay, maybe it's not me but it seems like the stupid computer is against me! It keeps pausing or shutting down and now it's not detecting my camera. I'm really starting to get aggravated. I had new pictures to upload and while it's not working you're not seeing anything!

I can't believe this day, first nothing to do and then when I tried to work my computer gave me this pop up of "your computer will shut down in 30 minutes" and then began a countdown. I thought it was going to blow up. I almost wished it had, then they would have to get me a new one! :) UGH! And yesterday my darn digital picture frame conked out too! What's going on, maybe I have too much energy and I'm shutting down all my electronics? haha... I'm so aggravated with technology. Just like the ipod that still at home with no songs on it. Ughhh. Okay so my father in law put the desk together and we picked up the lateral file and the hutch today so it's coming together, slowly but surely and I can't wait! I'm so anxious to put everything back together and for it to be calm and serene and place that I actually want to go and sit in.

So whenever I can upload these pics I also have a few pictures of my dogs... One is Amora, she's about 16 months old, she's an English Bulldog that I got for my husband on our 1 year wedding anniversary, then it became a Valentines Day gift and his birthday gift for that year because when I sought out to get one for him I didn't realize they were so gosh darn expensive. The other pup is about 7 weeks old, his name is Romeo, and he's a shitzu that my dad got the girls for a gift. They absolutely love him to pieces too! So, way to go dad or as they call him, Pampo! Okay it's working... here they are... This is the desk, you can see the color of the walls on these...
It's so pretty! :) See... I told you we had double doors in there, you just couldn't see them before with all the junk! This is Romeo, the new addition. And this is Amora, Nevaeh's Cuddlebug.... :) Get it Romeo and Amora... We're keeping with a theme darn it.

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