17 March 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Not that I remembered or anything! Haha, I actually got all the girls clothes layed out this morning and then woke them up. My 5 year old, Mikayla then half asleep, informs me, it's St. Patrick's Day, I HAVE to wear green! Darn! I had to go and redo shirt layouts... I can't believe that she has to remind me of stuff, she's always on top of stuff, she remembers EVERYTHING! Okay so they all wore green and somehow Mikayla also managed to find me a green top in my closet to wear(let's just say that being in the Army and wearing green everyday for 4 years straight was enough green for my lifetime-therefore I stay away from green when I go shopping), she said I had to otherwise I would get pinched at work. I dare them to try and pinch me! I'd run them over with my big ole' truck... which by the way I don't think I have a picture of to post here... but it looks something like this. Except mine actually looks better, I think mine is lifted 2 more inches and it definately has better rims and tires! :) Yes, Little ole' 5 foot 1 inch ME drives this... It's my soccer mom-mobile, or bus as I also call it, but I LOVE IT and I had my husband search far and wide for this particular one/kind... So it's a keeper!

In other news, I am just about able to start reloading my office with all my stuff! YAY, my honey finished putting together almost all the furniture yesterday, minus the bookshelf but that's not too bad, I'm soooo happy, he even furnished it with some other pictures we had hanging in the TV/loft area but they are perfect for my office! So here is a pic when it was in progress, before he got all the doors on... let's just say it wasn't an easy or light task, he had to call the neighbor over to move it from the garage to the office, my wimpy butt couldn't pick the darn thing up! and below is the after, isn't it lovely?!? Darn it, the picture is blurry but oh well, it gives you the general idea! Anyway he moved my flag in there too, it matches perrrrfect! He knows that I am way beyond a "support our troops" person, I'm a die-hard GO ARMY gal(even though I hate green), so he bought this for me when we lived in Arizona and he also put this picture in the office.... So here are the other couple of the pictures
I love it! Don't you love it?! It looks so nice and put together and against the wall color the dark wood looks awesome. The only think left to do is turn the desk around so my back is against the wall with the Twin Towers picture. I don't like my back to the door and I'd rather not be sitting at my desk looking out the window at the stucco of my neighbor's house. haha... So let me know what you think!

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