03 March 2008

Okay... it's Monday... Blah!

Or should I say Blugh? Anyhow, I hate Mondays as I've mentioned before, especially after a weekend with a house full. The retirement party went great, we ended up with lots of extra food, it was Olive Garden though so I'm not complaining! haha. We also watched the UFC fights that night which me and my husband are totally addicted to. I took my husband last May for his 30th birthday to a UFC fight in Houston and it was soooo much fun! He got to run around and meet a bunch of fighers and I took pictures of him running around! Anyway I got completely off the subject... Darn I forgot where I was going with that.

Well I think that I'm making it a regular thing to post "I wish I was here" so I think it will be fun to do every couple of days, posting pictures of where I've been, both in and out of the Army and with my family and friends. So this is where I wish I was today.
The Vatican in lovely Roma! I say Roma because the funniest thing, in 2001 my mom, my brother, one of my sisters and my BFF had went to visit me in Germany, I took some personal leave for a few weeks and we drove around. One of the places being Rome, we were going to the Vatican and all the hot spots in Rome and on the way there we couldn't find our way into the correct tolling places, so we were stopped at a light and next to a guy on a scooter. I rolled down the window and asked him for directions to Rome, he looked at me as if I was crazy, he was confused, baffled and to say the least not quite understanding of the English language, so my mom asked him in Spanish, still saying "Rome", I uttered "RomA" and all of sudden the clouds parted, sun was shining, birds were chirping and he said "AAAHHHH ROMA!!!! That way!" like helllloooo I was saying it the wrong way! Haha, it was hilarious, maybe you had to be there, I just thought that Rome and Roma were pretty close to sounding the same. Guess not.
So I guess the reason I wish I was there is because the Vatican is an incredible work of art, the architecture, the paintings, the sculptures, everything about is is amazing. It leaves me in Awe just to look at it and I've had the wonderful pleasure of visiting there 3 times in the past 7 years. Each visit there was a different experience, once with a group of friends, once with the same group I mentioned before and once with my husband. But each time I do have to say that when I walked in the front doors I was overwhelmed with emotions. There is so much detail in all the work there that it's impossible to take it all in. So I really can't say that I've seen the same thing in all three trips, they were all unique trips and I got different emotions with all of them and I loved it all. So if you haven't been there, take the time in your lifetime to get there. It is a true work of art!

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