27 March 2008

Geesh... What a day!

Well what do you know, I told my new Supervisor I was bored and I needed more work, and he actually gave me more work. The nerve of that guy! haha... I'm so glad though, my day went by so much faster, I mean I still had time to check out some blogs but geesh, I never knew 5 p.m. could come so fast! YAY!

Shopping went well yesterday, I was at Hobby Lobby for wayyyy too long but it was good, scrapbook paper was half off and some other good things were 15% and 25% off so I made out like a bandit! I got some paper, some photo storage boxes, project organizers, 3 glitter paints, stickers, a set of stamps, some desk drawer liners, foam letters, a circle cutter, some ribbons and a ribbon box for all under $40! I mostly love the ribbon box, it was originally $17 but I got it for $7 and it's an Alphabet Ribbon Box ( I don't have time to google it and get a link-sorry), but it is great, and it came with 26 ribbons, all with the letters on there.

So I am tired today from staying up late playing in my office with my new stuff and I got busy today so I'm wore out now... :) But I'm not complaining, I'm busy!

So sorry for no pictures yesterday and today, but I'll have some later. I'm ditching work tomorrow to hang out with the girls on their last day of Spring Break and we get to go see Nemo on Ice tomorrow! :) So I'll definately have pictures of that! We're going to a little friend's birthday Saturday and we are doing a little get together birthday party for my oldest on Sunday. We also have my inlaws over this weekend for a visit so it will be a FULL weekend, I hope to start scrapping soon! Love ya and have a great weekend!

Okay... I found a picture... this was last year sometime driving up to my mom's house in Northern New Mexico. Isn't it beautiful?!!!!

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