18 March 2008

I love my new space!!!

YAY! I do have to say that I just Love, Love, Love my husband for dealing with my "office transformation" this week. I was determined to get it done so I was pushing him to the edge but 6 days later, it's done! And I won't bother him anymore! I won't even ask him to help me move my crap back in there! But I do have to say I LOVE IT! I can't even believe it's the office in my house! I can't believe it's the same space! If you don't believe me just look... Before & After I'll post more pics once I get everything in the room. After this weekend this blog will really turn out to be a "crafting" blog... I PROMISE!
In the meantime, this is where I wish I was today! On the boat, and this raft thing that we got from a friend. This thing is so fun! This is me and my cousin-in-law and 2 of my girls and one of his. It was great! Unfortunately though it's not warm enough to take the boat out YET! :) I'll try to post again later today if anything comes up.


ScrapMomOf2 said...

WOW! Gorgeous desk and cabinet! You'll have to post more photos when you get stuff moved back in! Enjoy organizing!!

I've never seen a raft thing that's so big! How fun does that look? Wow! Three adults could sit in it? Very cool!

Liz :) said...

Thanks, I'm actually posting pictures now of "some" of the stuff back in... I was up til midnight lastnight taking stuff back in, I love it though!

The raft is great, and so much fun! My girls loved it, even though the one in the middle looks scared in this picture she never got off it all day. I was amazed Mikayla on my lap wasn't scared but it was great! I'm so ready to go back to the lake this summer!