31 December 2008

Over there... blog candy!

Go check out Karen's blog, Crafty On Goings for a chance to win some great blog candy! You can see here all the stuff you can win! Whoa it's a lot!


Happy New Year, I'll be taking another 4 day weekend so expect great crafting pictures on Monday for the reveal of my secret crafty presents that I gave to my sisters, I'm finally going to go see them tomorrow and they'll be able to open them up! YAY! I'm so excited. :)

29 December 2008

Not motivated to be at work....

Is that only today or everyday? Haha, well I had a long weekend, enjoyed the holiday, I have yet to upload any pictures, so sorry! But I'm here and thats all that matters, right? Yeah right, you all want pictures, maybe tomorrow.. :) MAYBE. Anywho.... the weekend was long, did some shopping, cleaned the house and was basically lazyyyyy, oh yeah and I totally got addicted to this thing!
I cursed my husband for buying this darn Guitar Hero thing for the Wii, I figured the girls would be so glued to it that they forgot they had to clean and do homework and stuff more constructive. they haven't been so bad with it, a few times and they get bored if they don't do well, so they pretty much know when to get off. :) Nevaeh said she's "Rocking Out" and she does, she hits the buttons and dances at the same time and when it gets too crazy she lets dad do all the work and she just head bangs. :) Here's the hubby, telling me and Mikayla that we AREN"T better than him on this game.. I SOOOOO proved him wrong lastnight, he's angry.. the end....

23 December 2008

I'm here but not for long...

Short but sweet post again, I still have tons of work to do at work and even more to do at home for the holidays... So sorry that I haven't been blog hopping and leaving comments but I'll catch up and things will all be well next week. :) Happy Holidays everyone!
My favorite little man with Santa, he unlike the girls took a liking to Santa right away! :) The girls had to walk around for a while and think about it before going to talk to Santa but I think he pulled them in with candy canes. :)
Cute! Nevaeh is finally understanding the whole Santa stuff so it's cute and adorable and she can't wait to leave him cookies and leave food for the reindeer! Neither can I! :)
Yes it's a carrot and they are inside the carrot... There is a new addition to the Botanical Gardens and everything is HUGE, it's like you're itty bitty in a large garden, it's cute! We got to go inside a pumpkin and see huge carrots like this!

19 December 2008

And so the Reindeer had food.....

I am loving this little creation that me and my daughter Mikayla made lastnight. Today is her Holiday party at school and we stayed up late lastnight making little Reindeer Food Goodie bags for all her classmates! :) YAY... I used a little of Heather's idea of the reindeer over at Heather's Heavinly Stampations. Thanks Heather. I also saw the little bags with another reindeer somewhere, I even posted on her blog and I'm sorry but I don't remember who you are. If you see this, let me know so I can give you your credit. :)
Here's the little helper Mikayla... She did great and she loved the idea!

This is the production line for the reindeer, Mikayla said we were like a factory! haha. :) I cut all the shapes on the Cricut (Saved soooo much time and made everything perfect!) So I started with Balloons (left) for the heads, I just cut off the little balloon knot thing, I liked these cause they weren't so oblong as an oval but they weren't perfectly round. Next (top middle) were the antlers, which were really cent signs! CUTE! The noses were just little red circles and the ears (right) were flowers that I cut the petals off of.

We had some googly eyes left over from this years summer projects so they added just the right touch!

Still a few more to go over there on the right but Mikayla set it up so we had everything right on hand for each little reindeer, I did the antlers and the ears and Mikayla did the eyes and noses. :)

I got the cheap little sandwich bags at the dollar store and filled them not quite a 1/2 cup of oatmeal, some trail mix and shaved carrots. The tag says, Sprinkle on the lawn at night, The moon will make it sparkle bright, As Santa's reindeer fly and roam, This will guide them to your home!

We made 21 bags, for her class and her teacher's kids! I used the papers from a little scrap pad, folded them in half and used double sided tape to adhere them to the baggies. I think they are adorable and I hope all her friends like them!

18 December 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Sorry about the absence but I have been extremely busy, both at work and home, at work... I'm actually... get this.... DOING WORK! :) haha.. Seriously, doing work.. right... now... I'm talented like that! So anyway, I'm busy at work and busy at home so no time to blog. This will be lots of pictures and lots of happiness in this post... ENJOY! :)
Halloween! Yeah I know it's December but I finally uploaded pics and this one was too cute to pass up. :) Look at BatGirl sneaking up on the bride and the Football Player..
Another too cute photo, I love that they love each other so much and get along so well. :)

Look at this guy! Don't you just want to squeeze him!?! I do... haha.. You'll see him someday playing with those Broncos, you just wait and see! :)

Here they are again, snuggling. Stinkers!The three muskateers! We took them to the parade of lights show that they hold at the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens every year. I got some great photos of them with the light sculptures.For it being so cold they sure were happy campers!I love this one! They loved this turtle!

These are some pictures I took in October that I finally uploaded and I love them because the grass is so green, and more importantly my girls are so beautiful!

This (below) was my drive in to work Tuesday, this is Albuquerque, it never snows, or at least not this much! Roads were terrible, we got let off work early and they cancelled school. :) YAY

Another view of the snow below with a touch of the mountains from afar. :)

And last but not least can you believe these! My sister Lena is making candy for the family for Christmas and I can't wait to eat it! These are dark chocolate gingerbread candies with jelly inside.. YUMMMM

Below are some more chocolate goodies that she colored and created herself, I can't wait to eat them! :)

Below are the hollies of course, they look so yummy! :)

And that's all for now, I have some major work to do!

15 December 2008

A Cookie Filled Weekend....

I ate way too many sweets this weekend! I got little to NO crafting done this weekend, but I got cookies baked and eaten... and started on another secret project... Yikes!

So since I can't show you the secret project you'll have to be happy with cookies and ornaments. :)
Above are the cookies before frosting... Yum... I made these mini ones, they are too cute, bite size, and not enough cookie for one person. I also make an "M" and "N" for my girls names.. not to be confused with NM for New Mexico.. haha :)
Above are the frosted (with cream cheese frosting) the regular sized cookies, they were gooooody.. Were.. as in already eaten! haha. :)
More cookies? Oh no, these two are making ornaments! This was the first time making ornaments and they came out really good, I will be adding the ribbon and putting them on the tree tonight. The girls had so much fun! Here they are making all the shapes.This is the ornaments all cut out... Then I added the hole with a straw.
So after they baked we would have a place to put ribbon or wire to hang them on the tree. :)
Here's Mikayla painting away, look at allt he ones she's done already!
Geesh, she's an ARRRRteest! Oh yeah don't mind that yellow fallopian tube shaped ornament. It's the dumbest cookie cutter shape I've ever seen! It's supposed to be 2 candy canes crossed, here, it's upside down but it's funny looking both ways...
Here's Mikayla again, still painting away! And carefully I might add... :)
Here's Nevaeh and her creations, she was so happy. :)
She was taking her time, she loved them! You can see Amora in the background being a lazy bum as always!
Above were Nevaeh's ornaments.. and by golly there are those darn fallopian tubes again! ARg...
These were the final product, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.. This is something that we will have to definately do again, the girls had fun, I made the dough in advance which didn't take long, they were all together easy and fun... :)
I can't wait to see how they look on the tree! :)

11 December 2008

The card that has it all...

I am so happy I won all the goodies I did in the past few weeks because they sure have made my Christmas Card making much easier! This is another card from the Cosmo Cricket stuff I won and I added some Cricut cuts and a little of what Becky and Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps sent me too.

That's why it's the card that has it all! Get it? haha :)

So the base is Cosmo Cricket papers from the Be Good Paper crafting kit again, the tag is from the Buck Naked ornaments set which I covered in the same Be Good paper. The red is the back of that paper BTW :)

After I covered the tag with paper, I roughed up the edges with some sand paper and then went over the entire front of it with cross sanding to make this effect. I cut the "For You" from the Cricut, George and Basic Shapes cartridge and roughed and inked the edges of that too. See that green twine/ribbon/stuff? That's from Becky, I thought it was going to be loose but it has a wire inside so it was perfect for this to stay in place! :)

The black snowflakes I stamped on the paper are from the Snowflakes stamps I got from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps, they looked great on here! I also got a little square of the red paper and stamped another snowflake on it and added a pop up dot to it because I thought the card was missing something, so I added something random :) I love it. :)

10 December 2008

Another day... Another Card...

Do you like the new layout? Can you see everything right? If not let me know and I'll mess with it again, it'll take a little getting used to on my part but I love it! It's Christmasy and I can keep it after the holidays because it's still "crafty" looking :) heehee..

And besides.. it was a pain in the butt just to do this and update everything now.. By the way my counter thing is still screwy, I'll have to fix that at home... darn!
On to the card... Everything is Cosmo Cricket from the great batch of stuff I won a few weeks ago.
White card base... now that I look at it though I should have made it creamish color.
The "h" is from the Be Good paper crafting kit, I just roughed up the edges and dabbed black ink along the edges.
The ornament is from the Buck Naked Ornaments of Cosmo Cricket, I covered it with some Be Good papers and did the same roughing and inking of the edges. I also added more pop up dots to the center line of the ornament.
I think this is a better view :)
The ornament has a tie or some straw stuff I got at the $1 section at Hobby Lobby. The Happy Holidays sentiment I cut from one of Christmas Cards I received last year and I just inked it up with a sponge to make it match. Tell me what you think! :)

09 December 2008

I'm a FINALIST! Vote for ME! :)

I just got a note that I'm a finalist in the card contest going on at Tip Junkie so go on over and vote for me, on the left side bar, I'm number 14! :)

Edited to ADD: If you go to the Tip Junkie and vote for me, come back and leave a comment telling me you did and I'll add 5 more entries into the January Blog Candy for you :)

**Bear with me, I attempted to get all holiday-ish on the blog and turn it red and green and stuff but it's backfiring and not working with the templates I want so... you see no blog list, my counter is out of whack and I'm not a happy camper... under construction... blah...

Great mail and my crafty evening... (2Sketches4You)

We'll start with the mail I got yesterday, I was waiting anxiously for it of course, it was SIX sets of stamps from Sweet n' Sassy Stamps for crying out loud, SIX!
Here they are in all their glory! They sent me cases as well and they were labeled! How's that for organization! I love them!
These are toooo cute, I love those little birds and all the sayings. It's a little hard to read them but I tried and you can go back and check here for all the info on the ones that you see here and more.
These snowflakes are beautiful and I used them lastnight already, so I'll be posting that card tomorrow.
These are the cute little Funny Farm stamps, They were mainly for my daughters but I will be "borrowing" them :)
Doodle flowers! I love these too, I like allt he swirl action going on with them. CUTE!
All my holiday sayings, they are going to be used well and often this weekend as I attempt to finish my cards! :)
Chocoholic, my mom loved these, we are both addicted to chocolate so it suits us fine :) Aren't these allll amazing!?! I love them and they have officially got me addicted to stamping as well as everything else I do! :)
This is our tree! We finally put it up two days ago, we were slacking, but I'm glad it's up and done and all the presents are wrapped too! :) yay! It's a bit blurry but it's still cute!:)

Now for one of three cards I made lastnight for 2 Sketches 4 You sketch this week.. :) Yes, Three I made lastnight! I was in the zone so I kept on going and then still had energy to clean my office! :) Yikes...
I made this from all the wonderful stuff I've won lately. All the papers and ribbon is from the goodies I won from Becky. CUTE!
I just layered all the solids and added the ribbon on the left, I love how the green in that ribbon stands out! I used the same ribbon to tie the top of the stocking.This stocking was from the winning over at Cosmo Cricket, I covered it in the blue paper from Becky, smoothed out the edges with some sandpaper. To the top I added some glittery paint and topped it with some matte finished glitters. I used the snowflake stamp to get a few snowflaked, I added some dimension dots to them so they stood out and where they overlapped off the edge of the stocking is where I cut them so they looked like a pattern on the stocking. :)