15 December 2008

A Cookie Filled Weekend....

I ate way too many sweets this weekend! I got little to NO crafting done this weekend, but I got cookies baked and eaten... and started on another secret project... Yikes!

So since I can't show you the secret project you'll have to be happy with cookies and ornaments. :)
Above are the cookies before frosting... Yum... I made these mini ones, they are too cute, bite size, and not enough cookie for one person. I also make an "M" and "N" for my girls names.. not to be confused with NM for New Mexico.. haha :)
Above are the frosted (with cream cheese frosting) the regular sized cookies, they were gooooody.. Were.. as in already eaten! haha. :)
More cookies? Oh no, these two are making ornaments! This was the first time making ornaments and they came out really good, I will be adding the ribbon and putting them on the tree tonight. The girls had so much fun! Here they are making all the shapes.This is the ornaments all cut out... Then I added the hole with a straw.
So after they baked we would have a place to put ribbon or wire to hang them on the tree. :)
Here's Mikayla painting away, look at allt he ones she's done already!
Geesh, she's an ARRRRteest! Oh yeah don't mind that yellow fallopian tube shaped ornament. It's the dumbest cookie cutter shape I've ever seen! It's supposed to be 2 candy canes crossed, here, it's upside down but it's funny looking both ways...
Here's Mikayla again, still painting away! And carefully I might add... :)
Here's Nevaeh and her creations, she was so happy. :)
She was taking her time, she loved them! You can see Amora in the background being a lazy bum as always!
Above were Nevaeh's ornaments.. and by golly there are those darn fallopian tubes again! ARg...
These were the final product, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.. This is something that we will have to definately do again, the girls had fun, I made the dough in advance which didn't take long, they were all together easy and fun... :)
I can't wait to see how they look on the tree! :)


Becky said...

Lol @ the fallopian tube. How is that Christmassy? Lol. VERY, very cute. :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

OMG Liz, could your girls be any cuter? I don't think so!

OK, you're in trouble, because you made me crack up at the fallopian tube thing (twice -- I laughed BOTH times!!), and my side hurts because of it!

VERY cute! What a great idea for some holiday AND crafty time with your girls! Plus, these photos will make some GREAT scrapbook pages!

Lauren said...

So cute, fun and festive!

Lena said...

Love the pics of the girls painting!! Nice finished master pieces too!! :)

Heather said...

Ohhhhh these cookies are way to cute, and it looks like you had sooo much fun doing them!