09 December 2008

Great mail and my crafty evening... (2Sketches4You)

We'll start with the mail I got yesterday, I was waiting anxiously for it of course, it was SIX sets of stamps from Sweet n' Sassy Stamps for crying out loud, SIX!
Here they are in all their glory! They sent me cases as well and they were labeled! How's that for organization! I love them!
These are toooo cute, I love those little birds and all the sayings. It's a little hard to read them but I tried and you can go back and check here for all the info on the ones that you see here and more.
These snowflakes are beautiful and I used them lastnight already, so I'll be posting that card tomorrow.
These are the cute little Funny Farm stamps, They were mainly for my daughters but I will be "borrowing" them :)
Doodle flowers! I love these too, I like allt he swirl action going on with them. CUTE!
All my holiday sayings, they are going to be used well and often this weekend as I attempt to finish my cards! :)
Chocoholic, my mom loved these, we are both addicted to chocolate so it suits us fine :) Aren't these allll amazing!?! I love them and they have officially got me addicted to stamping as well as everything else I do! :)
This is our tree! We finally put it up two days ago, we were slacking, but I'm glad it's up and done and all the presents are wrapped too! :) yay! It's a bit blurry but it's still cute!:)

Now for one of three cards I made lastnight for 2 Sketches 4 You sketch this week.. :) Yes, Three I made lastnight! I was in the zone so I kept on going and then still had energy to clean my office! :) Yikes...
I made this from all the wonderful stuff I've won lately. All the papers and ribbon is from the goodies I won from Becky. CUTE!
I just layered all the solids and added the ribbon on the left, I love how the green in that ribbon stands out! I used the same ribbon to tie the top of the stocking.This stocking was from the winning over at Cosmo Cricket, I covered it in the blue paper from Becky, smoothed out the edges with some sandpaper. To the top I added some glittery paint and topped it with some matte finished glitters. I used the snowflake stamp to get a few snowflaked, I added some dimension dots to them so they stood out and where they overlapped off the edge of the stocking is where I cut them so they looked like a pattern on the stocking. :)


Becky said...

YAY! I voted for your card before-I'm so glad you're a finalist! I'll go vote again right now! LOVE the card. Gorgeous!!

Heidi Van Laar said...

This card is soo pretty! I love the way you created a dimensional pattern on the stocking with the snowflake punches!

Laura Davis said...

This card is really pretty Liz! I love how the snowflakes pop:) Kazan took a little trip to the mountains so I am here to fill in:)

rae said...

fabulous card! great take on kazan's sketch!

Kristen Swain said...

wonderful card! i especially like how the snowflakes pop on the stocking!

sarahw said...

Liz, no I am not stalking you I just went to the wrong blog first. ANyway, love this card. Great colors.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

CUTE! I love your goodies, your tree, and your card! That stocking is fabulous!!

tina said...

Love the details!