04 December 2008

MANY thanks to Becky!

Okay you're going to have to tell me if you think Becky is crazy, because I am convinced that she has to be since she sent me all this stuff for winning her blog candy! I am estatic! Everything she sent barely fit on my desk and barely fit within range of my camera to take pictures! I just want to tell her thank you soooo much! Go on over to her blog, Confessions of a 20-something Scrapbooking Mother and show her some love for me! She is a great scrapper, she has the cutest kids, and she obviously has a heart of gold! And besides that she has the inside info on some more blog candies going on. Thanks Becky!
So this is everything, I think, I still ended up cutting off a little here and there but below are the close ups!
A scrap pad filled with 32 sheets of christmas papers and some solids! CUTE! The Inspirables are chipboard frames and tags, I can't wait to use these!
Up close of some of the sticker she sent, the pink ones are glittery and cute for my girls! Got some corkboard letters, rub-ons, and the four flowers on the left are clear stamps!
The heart stickers are felt and lovely! These are the rest of the packs of stickers she sent, I can't believe how many great packs there were!
She sent these three welcome boards for me to alter, they will be getting the names of my girls for their bedroom doors, they will love them! I can't say thank you enough! :)
I'm not sure if I've seen these before but I will be trying them out, felt pens, if you know of any tricks with these, let me know.
Up close of all the brads (left circles and flowers) and the eyelets, white and colored eyelets and the the metal tags in PINK of course!
Look at these wonderful stamps! I can't believe how great they are. I'm not sure I can detail color them both but I will be either black/white washing them and using them most definately in some way!
Look at ALLLLL this ribbon! When I opened the box it was like never ending, I couldn't believe it! Look at all the cuteness going on here, I am loving them all.
And she sent me another bag of ribbons. CUTE!
These are all the papers she sent as well, some were Christmasy and some weren't, some are double sided and some aren't but I can guarantee I'll use them all! :)
So this is the whole lot of stuff and I don't think I can believe it still.
And she sent this cute little card with one of the Changito stamps, and she told me Thank You for playing! Geesh... NOOOOOO Becky! Thank you for everything! It's all amazing! :)


Becky said...

I'm so glad you like everything! :) Oh, and let me tell you, those pens are AWESOME! I got a pack at Target in their wonderful $1 bin and didn't expect much, but got them home and loved them. I ended up going back and buying like 10 more, lol. I've been using them for everything from my journaling to my cards to my grocery list. ;) Have fun!!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Becky IS a total sweetheart, and those two boys of hers are completely adorable!! WOW! Lucky Liz (that's your new name) did GOOD! It's all wonderful! I love the photo of the ribbon on the rolls! WOW! Is that some cute stuff or what! AND, my girls and I have altered those plaques!! It's so much fun!! I think I did two for each of the girls, and then they each did one, and Emily even did a third. You are going to LOVE working on those!! Congratulations!!

Lena said...

Wow, that's lot of cool stuff!! Congrats sis!! :)

Becky said...

Oh please, I'm sure you have more readers than that!! :)