29 September 2009

My blog is on the verge...

It seems like it's really on the verge of not being a crafty blog anymore, this saddens me, mostly because that means that I am not being as crafty as I once was. Truthfully, I have been so busy and when I'm not busy I'm tired, trying to recover from the busy part, and so on and the cycle continues. So, my question is, what do I do? Do I continue this "crafty" blog of sorts and hope that one day I will have something to add or do I delete this and start over?

I'm really unsure, mostly because I seem to have got 10,000 hits on my blog out of nowhere and now they are at a standstill again, I'm sad... I have not comments, nobody is barely acknowledging that they stop by here, yet I blog hop, I read all day and I get nothing in return.. So sad... poor... little ole me...

23 September 2009

Facebook is my social life... sad....

okay... losing it.... now.... today... not like all the other times..
I am just so messed up, I can't remember what day it is, who has an appointment with which doctor, what I'm doing at work, forgetting school fundraiser stuff.
I think that most of it has to do with Facebook, it has consumed my life. It's really sad first off that Facebook is my only form of a social life. It's not blocked at work, so it gives me adequate time to fiddle on it EVERY DAY! I can keep in contact with people I normally wouldn't see or hear from. I get to see pictures of my family alllll the time! :) YAY!

So when does it become too much? Does too much Facebook consist of me sitting at work or at home or in my car (using my Facebook Blackberry application of course) and hitting REFRESH, REFRESH, because I just know that any second someone will add their 2 cents to something or update their status. I allllllso like to create topies on my Facebook that will create lots of comments. I like to see exactly how many comments I can create on one post. Yesterday I think I got 26 comments on one post.. yay me... Where's the trophy? Where's the money prize?

LAME, I know, but really, I think I'm losing it and I owe it all to Facebook... blah!

22 September 2009

Am I old?

Wow... Me and the husband went to a concert lastnight... Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects, it was fabulous. I love all their music and I think they are all really good. So why did I feel soooo out of place there? Maybe because out of the 15,000 kids that were there I definately felt like the oldest ones there!

Everyone was like 15 to 17 years old or like 50 years old chaperoning their 10 year old! I literally could have taken my girls to this concert and minus all the cursing, would have felt more comfortable. Is that odd, am I old? Or am I over-reacting. I think I may have lost my sense in music, or maybe I'm just old... Have I mentioned... I FEEL OLD???

21 September 2009

Feeling a little UNbalanced....

Okay, so I cut my hair back in February or March or something and I miss it... *tear* real bad...
So I'm letting it grow out again and it does all this funky flip up, don't stay straight, looking crazy stuff.. I decided to go a little crazy today and part my hair on the OTHER side... yes, more volume, a weird flip thing goin on with my bangs and I think I'm unbalanced now.

It feels like I'm walking around with my head tilted to one side.

It feels like when people look at me they are saying "OMG, she totally parted her hair on the other side and now she's wayyy off!"

So I'm staying in my office today, feeling awkward and I'm okay about it. I guess.... Needless to say I don't think I'll be parting it on the wrong side in the near future anymore...

Well in other news, I got all the processing of Senior Pics done this weekend, I'll be adding some to my Photography Blog tonight.
I'm also planning to go back to the gym this week to see if I can beat my times from last week.
I'm also reading a very good book, titled ESCAPE, google it. I read a quarter of the book lastnight so I can't put it down.

I hope to be out of work early today.. yay! Have a good one!

17 September 2009

A little more soreness...

I went to the gym 3 days in a row, ran a little more than 3.5 miles a day and I'm paying for it... waddling like duck, in pain like a 90 year old and hoping this soreness goes away soon and the weight starts coming off...

I got a ton of wedding stuff and pictures to do this weekend, meetings, running around, processing, busy, busy, busy weekend. Somewhere in the middle I have to find time to keep up this workout schedule or I'm going to fall off real fast!

In other news my 7 year old decided that 2nd grade isn't challenging enough, she apparently needs more work to do, so yesterday I enrolled her in an after school computer class. She's such a brainiac, not that I'm complaining but geesh, sometimes she needs to take a rest! :)

16 September 2009

So I'm sore today.... and the Balloon Fiesta!

Okay... I'm really sore, why you ask? Cause I finally got my lazy butt off the couch and went to the gym two, say again TWO days in a row. Why? Because I'm sick of being a hefty 5'2" woman with too much meat on her bones! Andddd I got a wedding to be in, in May and I really would rather I wasn't "the big one" of the wedding party! :) Just sayin', I think that's how "other" people that didn't know me would refer to me as... They'd see a picture, be like oh yeah but who's that "big girl"? That would be ME!

Anyhow... I'm gonna try real hard to get this weight off, even if it hurts like hell to walk for another 4 weeks, I'm going to get it done... finally!

In other news I thought I'd post some pics. In about two weeks is the International Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque and honestly this is my favorite time of year here. I love it! I take pictures almost every day of Balloon Fiesta and this will be the first year taking pics at the Fiesta with my Nikon so I CANNOT WAIT! Can you feel my excitement!?! You can check out more info at Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.
This is amazing and I have got my girls to enjoy it just as much as me, so they don't mind waking up at 430 in the morning on a Saturday to watch the balloons! :)
The skies are so colorful for 2 whole weeks and it's amazing!
I love all the balloons but there are special character balloons too, over 100, and I just saw Smokey the Bear rolling into town 2 days ago.. They have trading cards for all the balloons and me and the girls are on a mission to someday get them all :)
I am counting down the days!
These are all pictures I took last year but I'll be posting more from this year in a few weeks. I can't wait!!!!!!!!

15 September 2009

Humm... 2 in a row :)

Sounds good to me, I'm also still trying to figure out the whole 12,000 visitors to my blog, and about 9,000 of them in the last month or so. If you know, let me know, then we can know together and I won't feel like such a moron because then I'll know what's going on, on MY blog. :)

If you don't know me, I'm a procrastinator, I'm also crazy, why? Well I insist on being busy every waking second of my life, which means I get little sleep because I'm always catching up on all the stuff I was procrastinating on. :) Ya see how that goes hand in hand. :)

I overwhelm myself completely because I work well under pressure. I enjoy having the feeling that I may or may not make a deadline but you will always get my best work. I recently started a photography business here in Albuquerque NM, it's called elizabeth poe photography. I am trying to work on my website, so don't ask... :) or not yet anyway. I'm also doing wedding planning, I fell in love with planning my wedding and I'm addicted to anything wedding related, movies, shows, cakes, favors, wedding styles, dresses, you get the idea. I'm addicted!
So it doesn't feel like much work to plan a wedding for me, while brides get stressed to no end, I'm their reliever, or I would love to be the relief they are looking for.

So while I'm still working a full time job, doing just about nothing from 8 to 5, Monday through Thursday, I'm still booking weddings, photo shoots and consultations. I love it. The busy life I'm living now is what makes me happy, I'm glad I can be of anyone's assistance. :)
I'm figuring I will be creating a new blog... my photography blog. I hope you enjoy it, I hope I can stick to it and you'll be able to see all my work. :)

14 September 2009

I think I'm losing it...

Either I'm losing it or my eyes are deceiving me....
Last check up on my blogger I had about 3500 views on my page, which was probably my loyal few friends and family :)
I logged on about a month ago I think was the last time, I log on now and it's past 11,000!!! Can this be right? The less I blog the more viewers I get? haha....
Okay well I'm gonna see what the deal is and I'll be back :)


I have been totally out of the internet blogging loop and ohhh do I miss it...
I miss blogging everyday, letting you all know whats going on. Yes all two of you that actually read this! :) I've been Facebooking like a crazy person because it's the only thing that's not blocked from work, I've been working at my regular job, going on vacation, and working on what seems to be every day that I'm off on my business. I wish I made enough on my side business to quit my other work. Unfortunately I think it's going to be a while before I can do that. So I'm taking pictures every weekend, planning weddings, processing photos and still trying to maintain some sort of sanity. In the meantime I have NOO time for crafting, scrapbooking, sewing, nada! I feel bad because I really want to scrapbook but I really have no energy for it. I have my mind racing all the time thinking about weddings, planning, my schedule, photos, and trying to figure out how or when to find the time to work out and lose some weight...

Anyhow I hope to keep up this blog better than I have been. Maybe I can start blogging from my phone, oh how I love my blackberry :) Yup.. I think that's the solution.
So to all my blogging buddies sorry but I'll catch up one day! :)