21 September 2009

Feeling a little UNbalanced....

Okay, so I cut my hair back in February or March or something and I miss it... *tear* real bad...
So I'm letting it grow out again and it does all this funky flip up, don't stay straight, looking crazy stuff.. I decided to go a little crazy today and part my hair on the OTHER side... yes, more volume, a weird flip thing goin on with my bangs and I think I'm unbalanced now.

It feels like I'm walking around with my head tilted to one side.

It feels like when people look at me they are saying "OMG, she totally parted her hair on the other side and now she's wayyy off!"

So I'm staying in my office today, feeling awkward and I'm okay about it. I guess.... Needless to say I don't think I'll be parting it on the wrong side in the near future anymore...

Well in other news, I got all the processing of Senior Pics done this weekend, I'll be adding some to my Photography Blog tonight.
I'm also planning to go back to the gym this week to see if I can beat my times from last week.
I'm also reading a very good book, titled ESCAPE, google it. I read a quarter of the book lastnight so I can't put it down.

I hope to be out of work early today.. yay! Have a good one!

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