26 September 2008

Middle of the night craftiness!

Talk about waiting for the last minute! My mom's birthday is today! Happy birthday mom!
I had some back problems this week and with the new job and everything I really got caught up with stuff, well I hadn't made my mom a birthday card. So lastnight after everyone went to bed, I crept into my black hole of an office and whipped this baby up!
It's chocolate brown plain cardstock, I got the polka dot paper from the sale rack at HL, I cut those chocolate brown circles on the Cricut with the Making the Grade cart. The flowers are Prima and some Costco centers. I recycled an old card for the inside greeting and ta-da. Presto!

Also I hadn't posted this layout yet. It's a pretty simple one of some dolphin pics. Pink paper, some torn strips and flowers.

I used the front of the paper (flowers) for the strips and the back (stripes) for the matting and details like the arrows. The flowers are primas topped with a button center.
These stickers are like little stamps with the scallopped edges, cute! They matched so good I couldn't resist.

Let me know what's been going on in your world! I've been out of the loop! I'll be blog hopping today and this weekend! Happy crafting!

25 September 2008

I'm alive.... really... I am...

Geesh it's been a long time! I know, I know... but I warned you, I told you I would be gone for a while until I got the new job situated and everything. Well I'm back now and you'll be sick of me before you know it! :) I haven't done anything crafty lately, I lost my mojo for a while and this weekend I put my back out so I was pretty much immobile. I found out yesterday that I have Rheumatory Arthritis in my back and a Degenerative Disk Disease so it will flare up and I won't be able to move....

Moving on, I will be scrapping this weekend and working on a Top Secret project. :) Okay I may give hints... they're HUGE Christmas presents... :)

Anywho, I'm here, I'm alive, I'm aching for some mojo and I'll be blog hopping. :)

13 September 2008

Blogging from my Blackberry????

I got a Blackberry and I love it. It allows me to blog no matter where I am. So I imagine that I will be adding posts through the week even though I will be starting my new job. This is great! I will still be blog surfing too! Have a great weekend everyone!

11 September 2008


Not many words can express the feelings of hurt, anguish, terror, anger, sadness and everything beyond belief on that freightful day. My heart goes out to all the families that will never forget all the important numbers on that day, 9-11-01, 8:48 the first tower was hit and 9:06 the second tower was hit. Where were you? I was serving in the Army, in Germany, away from all my family and unsure what was coming. That was indeed the worst feeling in my life and I hope I or nobody else ever have to go through that again..... We will never forget.
We will never forget the Soldiers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Civilians, Bystanders, children and so many others that lost their lives on that day. Unfortunately we will also never forget the images that burned into our minds, the feelings that we had that moment and for so long after that remain in our hearts. We will never forget that we were attacked and that we let down our guard because God gave us the strength to trust. He, however gives us the strength to go on and we will do that, stronger than ever and UNITED!
Thank you for remembering and never let them be forgotten. My prayers are with you all!

10 September 2008

A page and MORE concert pics!

I can't believe I have a page to show you, it's been a few days since I did anything crafty-ish... :) So here's the page then the concert pics (these pics are better than the others I think). This page was a simple one, I actually just kind of threw it together.. sad I know but I'm tired... :)

The polka dots I love because they are different colors that I wouldn't normally match, the striped paper is the back of the polka dot paper, got them in a paperpack from Lakeside. This chipboard was from a huge collection that I got from Michael's on sale.. cute.. and the Remember when was a little cutout on the same polka dot paper pack... I stamped the blue parenthesis on the blue paper then on cream colored paper and popped it up with some pop dots. I added in some journaling... Ta-da... easy cheezy...
On to the concert pics. These came out a little better but you be the judge... we'll go Sony (yesterday) against Kodak (today). :) There she is... dancing away...
Tights again... another color of course.. JUMP!
Yay for gold tights! :)
They were getting into the crowd screaming that was going on...
There are those tights again... and silver sneakers! WOW!
Geesh her face is gleeming isn't it???
Great! All the great pictures were of her turning away???? geesh!
This one is good...

There he is. I just noticed that he's wearing an Obama shirt.. haha. Is he even old enough to vote?
Dancing again...
The end of the song.
A smokey ending.
White gloves like MJ... Cute! haha
Boy does her left thumb look insanely large here.. haha :)
So that's it folks.. what do ya think? Sony or Kodak???? :)

09 September 2008

Does my last week have to = BUSY????

Okay, how's this for work??? I told them 2 weeks ago that I was giving my 3 week notice! THREE WEEKS people! 3! So this is my last week, I end working here on Friday, I am all of a sudden, out of nowhere BOMBARDED with work!!! Where was this work when I actually needed something to do??? eh?? anyone??? eh? Is this thing on? EXACTLY!

Other than my frustration level peaking all time highs around here, my weekend was GREAT! My girls would agree that the concert was so... much.... FUN! How fun it was for me and my mom to watch a three year old and two six year olds rock out at a concert!! Ohhhh I loved it! It made me tear up that they were having so much fun and that they got to experience it. This is Mikayla and her friend from school. Can you feel the love???
This is Nevaeh waiting for the next song to start... How cute is she????:)
This is Corbin Bleu.... The pictures are a little rough but it was really dark! And my camera doesn't take very good night pics... ugh... I actually took 2 cameras! Mine and my husbands, these are only the photos from my husband's because mine didn't want to upload, I'll have more for you tomorrow from mine :)
This is Vanessa Hudgens and 2 of her dancers... the crowd went WILD when she first came out.. it was deafening, the sound of thousands of screaming kids!
There they are again, against the backdrop the picture wasn't so bad...
There's Corbin again, and again another blurry pic.. ugh...
This one is better, you can see all his crazy hair! :) And who knew he was buff??? haha
It's Vanessa again, look at those tights? Spandex? Well whatever they are she must have them in every color. Haha
Geesh, bad, bad, pictures... sorry! I'll have more pictures, (hopefully better ones) from my other camera tomorrow... :) have a good night :)

05 September 2008

Yikes! The things I do for my girls!

I would literally do anything for my girls! I love to see them jump with glee, ask me 20 questions, bug me about projects, and most of all I love when they ask to snuggle with me.... BUT!!!!! What was I thinking?????? About 2 months ago, I was online looking at some info for my local Arts and Crafts Fair, and low and behold it was showing some pictures of the kids from High School Musical (HSM if you're cool), it said they would be at the state fair this year! Granted... I haven't been to the state fair in over 10 years!
I know, I'm terrible, since it's right on the other side of town... but you see... I have this phobia! I have this weird phobia that I will go, be inundated with tons of people surrounding me, and someone will TAKE MY GIRLS! My luck, my husband or any other family member would not be with me and I would be left holding one kid and dragging the other to catch up with the girl theif!!! Terrible I know, but that is my fear! I cannot get... it... out... of... my head! It's like, the state fair is coming, turn off the radio, don't watch TV, don't talk to anyone... in fear that someone will leak information into their tiny little brains that the State Fair is here! I know... I know.. Terrible mom! I'm just odd like that..... but it's worked! :)
Okay where was I? Oh yeah...HSM...HERE.... in NM! My girls are totally into HSM and Camp Rock and anything with Hannah Montana, and I love it! I didn't have too many teen chick rock singers when I was little, instead I listened to my sister's 80's rock band music, GO Whitesnake, Metallica, Def Leopard, etc... oh yeah and don't forget Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli.. haha...
Back to my girls... 2 months ago I purchased tickets to this concert, knowing that my kids would LOVE me big time for this.... Welllll, the concert is TOMORROW! I'm dragging my mother along with me to endure all the Na, na, na, na's of HSM haha... Thanks MOM! My girls are going to go nuts, I also invited one of Mikayla's friends and she's going to go nuts too! Thing is... they don't know yet!!!! Sooooo I'm trying to figure out how exactly to tell them???? I will definately have pictures on Monday!

(Actually definately is a strong word... I had pictures of my latest page today but my husband's stupid camera cord must be messed up because my computer isn't recognizing it... soooo maybe or maybe not I'll have pictures!)

My question.... what is the Biggest, Craziest, most Insane thing you've done for your kids???

04 September 2008

Waddle, waddle... goes the Penguin!

Oh how I love little Penguins! Love em! They are so cute, the way they waddle and jump in the water and swim around... Then they come out and their hair is all slick until they shake off and they look all spikey.... Cute!

We saw these guys at Sea World.... I know.. When am I EVER going to be done with my pictures from this trip???? I feel the same way, I really do... I'm trying to get through them as fast as I can... believe me!
I got this blue circly paper in a pack from Lakeside, they have some good stuff sometimes and I'm frugal so the prices are good. :) So I got the same paper, cut a strip about 1/2 inch wide and folded it back and forth on the right side... Where it folded, I added a button.
I matted the pictures with bright green paper so they stood out. I cut the letters on my Cricut using Making the Grade Cart...
I popped this flower on some dots so it stood out some more.
And ta-da... you got a layout of penguins all matchy with bright green and blue! :)

In other news, I decided to delete my other blogs, the weight tracker and the layouts one... Who am I kidding? I can barely keep up with ONE blog much less THREE!!! :) And after next week I'm starting that new job so I'm not so sure how much time I'll have to blog.. Darn!

I wanted to say thanks to all of you that commented on my Wedding Card! Great comments! Thanks and I think you all broke my record for comments on one post. haha.. :)

03 September 2008

Labor day weekend photos

So I didn't do another card lastnight but I did manage to upload some pics from our weekend... We spent allllll day on Sunday at the drag races here in Albuquerque. I love cars, especially fast and loud cars, my husband also loves cars and we've got my girls into the racing too so it was a great way to spend the day. My parents went and my hubby's dad went and some cousins, we cooked out, we watched the cars and we were blown away by the jet cars as usual.... unfortunately the camera's battery died so I'm lacking some pictures.. Booooo! So sorry!
Here's Nevaeh and Mikayla, living the good life... must be nice to just chill out and relax and have the best seats in the house! :)
Earplugs and juice, that's all she needed to keep up all day! haha...
Of course we had to take the Ipod... they would have died without it.. Right? Well look at that crazy hair, that alone will tell you it was a rough day! haha.. :)
Even the dog watched as the cars zoomed by! With the clouds coming in and out this was perfect shelter for the little ones! :)
These were a few of the alcohol cars, not only are they loud but they are super fast! The fastest one was running 230 mph! Geesh, the Jet cars (which I have NOOOO pictures of) were running 299 mph! I love those things, they make your whole body shake when they go past you! Look at those clouds too! We dodged the rain all day, it was a good day for racing! :)
I'll be back tomorrow with some more layouts.. or a card! haha.. Thanks to you all for all the nice comments on my wedding card! :)

02 September 2008

Wedding card.

First off, I keep saying I'm not a card maker, blah, blah, blah, but for some reason I've sure had a few cards on here lately. And another one today! This one is for Kazan's sketch over at 2 Sketches 4 You. I changed it up a but with the horizontal line, I put it as my ribbon, you can see below her sketch and then my card.
Mine is pretty simple and plain, it's for a wedding, their colors are red, black and white, obviously....
The white "cardstock" is actually watercolor paper, I get huge poster sizes of watercolor paper and I love the effect it has because it's so raw and grainy... Anyway, I used that as the base because it's thick.
This red paper was some out of a 4th of July paper pack, I just cut it a 1/4 inch shorter all around and centered it on the water color paper.
The "A" is on regular white card stock, a 2x3 piece, I did the calligraphy myself and finally got it right after a few tries! A is the initial of their married last name. :) I put this white piece on another type of redish/blackish paper and rounded the corners after matting. This this wide ribbon was off of another card I got, I tucked it between the white and red paper and it is sheer enough to see the A underneath. The little chipboard on the right side was already black, I just glued it to the card, and tucked the ribbon under.
I also got my white gel pen out and traced around some of the corners of the chipboard. I think for not being a "card-maker" this one came out really good. I am proud of it.... and I hope they like it. :)