05 September 2008

Yikes! The things I do for my girls!

I would literally do anything for my girls! I love to see them jump with glee, ask me 20 questions, bug me about projects, and most of all I love when they ask to snuggle with me.... BUT!!!!! What was I thinking?????? About 2 months ago, I was online looking at some info for my local Arts and Crafts Fair, and low and behold it was showing some pictures of the kids from High School Musical (HSM if you're cool), it said they would be at the state fair this year! Granted... I haven't been to the state fair in over 10 years!
I know, I'm terrible, since it's right on the other side of town... but you see... I have this phobia! I have this weird phobia that I will go, be inundated with tons of people surrounding me, and someone will TAKE MY GIRLS! My luck, my husband or any other family member would not be with me and I would be left holding one kid and dragging the other to catch up with the girl theif!!! Terrible I know, but that is my fear! I cannot get... it... out... of... my head! It's like, the state fair is coming, turn off the radio, don't watch TV, don't talk to anyone... in fear that someone will leak information into their tiny little brains that the State Fair is here! I know... I know.. Terrible mom! I'm just odd like that..... but it's worked! :)
Okay where was I? Oh yeah...HSM...HERE.... in NM! My girls are totally into HSM and Camp Rock and anything with Hannah Montana, and I love it! I didn't have too many teen chick rock singers when I was little, instead I listened to my sister's 80's rock band music, GO Whitesnake, Metallica, Def Leopard, etc... oh yeah and don't forget Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli.. haha...
Back to my girls... 2 months ago I purchased tickets to this concert, knowing that my kids would LOVE me big time for this.... Welllll, the concert is TOMORROW! I'm dragging my mother along with me to endure all the Na, na, na, na's of HSM haha... Thanks MOM! My girls are going to go nuts, I also invited one of Mikayla's friends and she's going to go nuts too! Thing is... they don't know yet!!!! Sooooo I'm trying to figure out how exactly to tell them???? I will definately have pictures on Monday!

(Actually definately is a strong word... I had pictures of my latest page today but my husband's stupid camera cord must be messed up because my computer isn't recognizing it... soooo maybe or maybe not I'll have pictures!)

My question.... what is the Biggest, Craziest, most Insane thing you've done for your kids???


Nit said...

You are right....your kids are going to absolutely love you & think you are the coolest mom on the face of the earth, which I am sure you are! :)

Have fun & can't wait to see pics :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I wouldn't tell them until you're actually there! I cannot wait to see pics! The "taking your girls" thing isn't so bizarre. I am SO overprotective, so I completely understand. I would rather be the craziest, spazziest overprotective mom in the world than to regret for one second something that happened because I wasn't being overprotective. I guard my girls with my life. And I mean that! I was just like you when they were younger, believe me. In fact, I was probably worse!

Anyway, we took our girls to Disneyland when my oldest was two and my youngest was 7 months. We took them to get their ears pierced quite a few years back, and we just booked a trip to DisneyWorld! We're going in November!

Can't wait for the pics! Have fun!!

Lauren said...

Sounds like a great time!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Well? How did it go??