03 September 2008

Labor day weekend photos

So I didn't do another card lastnight but I did manage to upload some pics from our weekend... We spent allllll day on Sunday at the drag races here in Albuquerque. I love cars, especially fast and loud cars, my husband also loves cars and we've got my girls into the racing too so it was a great way to spend the day. My parents went and my hubby's dad went and some cousins, we cooked out, we watched the cars and we were blown away by the jet cars as usual.... unfortunately the camera's battery died so I'm lacking some pictures.. Booooo! So sorry!
Here's Nevaeh and Mikayla, living the good life... must be nice to just chill out and relax and have the best seats in the house! :)
Earplugs and juice, that's all she needed to keep up all day! haha...
Of course we had to take the Ipod... they would have died without it.. Right? Well look at that crazy hair, that alone will tell you it was a rough day! haha.. :)
Even the dog watched as the cars zoomed by! With the clouds coming in and out this was perfect shelter for the little ones! :)
These were a few of the alcohol cars, not only are they loud but they are super fast! The fastest one was running 230 mph! Geesh, the Jet cars (which I have NOOOO pictures of) were running 299 mph! I love those things, they make your whole body shake when they go past you! Look at those clouds too! We dodged the rain all day, it was a good day for racing! :)
I'll be back tomorrow with some more layouts.. or a card! haha.. Thanks to you all for all the nice comments on my wedding card! :)


Sherry Wright said...

Glad you had fun, great job with the sketch below! My dh & Dad love drag racing.. I usto go all the time as a kid. ;)

Lauren said...

Super cute photos. Love the chairs in the back of the car!!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Awesome photos! I love the first one with them in their chairs just chilling! I love gals that know how to relax!