10 September 2008

A page and MORE concert pics!

I can't believe I have a page to show you, it's been a few days since I did anything crafty-ish... :) So here's the page then the concert pics (these pics are better than the others I think). This page was a simple one, I actually just kind of threw it together.. sad I know but I'm tired... :)

The polka dots I love because they are different colors that I wouldn't normally match, the striped paper is the back of the polka dot paper, got them in a paperpack from Lakeside. This chipboard was from a huge collection that I got from Michael's on sale.. cute.. and the Remember when was a little cutout on the same polka dot paper pack... I stamped the blue parenthesis on the blue paper then on cream colored paper and popped it up with some pop dots. I added in some journaling... Ta-da... easy cheezy...
On to the concert pics. These came out a little better but you be the judge... we'll go Sony (yesterday) against Kodak (today). :) There she is... dancing away...
Tights again... another color of course.. JUMP!
Yay for gold tights! :)
They were getting into the crowd screaming that was going on...
There are those tights again... and silver sneakers! WOW!
Geesh her face is gleeming isn't it???
Great! All the great pictures were of her turning away???? geesh!
This one is good...

There he is. I just noticed that he's wearing an Obama shirt.. haha. Is he even old enough to vote?
Dancing again...
The end of the song.
A smokey ending.
White gloves like MJ... Cute! haha
Boy does her left thumb look insanely large here.. haha :)
So that's it folks.. what do ya think? Sony or Kodak???? :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

I think today's photos are better, but yesterday's weren't bad! Yeah for gold tights! FUNNY!

I love the page your created too! It's very CUTE!!

Hey, I gave you ANOTHER shout out! I used my Halloween stamps!

Have an excellent evening!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Liz! :o)

Well, I am dropping by to thank you for joining in with my 'blog candy against word verification' campaign HERE

.. But I can't! You still have word verification on your blog. Maybe you didn't realise that?

If you want to switch it off, you can do that really easily from your 'Settings' page (but make sure you say yes to Comment Moderation).

If you decide to do that before 15th September, let me know (with a link to your blog), and I will enter you into the draw.

Take care and God bless..

Chris xx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Yayyyy!! :o) Hi, Liz.. Thanks for going ahead and removing word verification from your blog. :o)

You now have two entries in the draw for my blog candy. Best wishes with that!

Take care and God bless..

Chris xx