26 November 2008

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!

I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but I can't imagine that I'll be on the computer blogging tomorrow, or Friday or well the whole weekend for that matter! My sister and her family are coming to town and I get to squeeze my nephew all weekend. So Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Safe travels and full bellies! Be back on Monday! :)

25 November 2008

Another card and my goodies arrived from CC!!

First I want to show you the goodies I got from Cosmo Cricket! Remember I told you I won the other day. Well I already got the goodies and they are GREAT! Thanks Cosmo Cricket!

I got a pack of the Be Good papers, a pack of the ChemistryPaper Crafting Kit, and Buck Naked Alpha Buttons and Ornaments! I will be using these ASAP! :)

I made this card the other day and thought I'd share. My mom got me this great Paper Studio Snowflake Punch and it's great! It's just what I needed for Christmas cards! :) Thanks Mom!

This card was entirely made of scraps in my drawer, and I think it came out great! I added some silver brads to the centers of the snowflakes and I added some silver letters for the HO, HO, HO and I think it's so cute!
Here's a little close up, let me know what you think! :)

24 November 2008

Monday Blues....a Card and Look over there! :)

Ugh, I hate Mondays, back to work, back to school, waking up early, did I mention Back to work??? ugh..

Okay enough pouting, I did some shopping this weekend, but unfortunately I can't show you what I got because it's all Christmas presents and well.... some of the receipients read the blog so I'll have to show you later. :) I do have a card for you though. :) It went with 2 Sketches 4 You but I didn't upload it in time for their bonus sketch for last week so oh well. :) I just used Maroon cardstock from a HL paperpack... the backdrop paper (red and white) is from the discount section, I just paper punched the end with the Fiskars punch. I created 1.5 inch squares of all different papers, roughed up the edges with my Xacto...
I cut a little triangle tree and inked the edges with some brown... and Ta-Da... This was a pretty simple one.. I got the "Joy" from seom scraps and it matched well I thought :)
I know it's not the typical Christmas colors but I thought it came out good... :) let me know what you think! :)
In other news, there are some blog candies going on right now.... so go check them out..
Little Blue Cottage is giving away some awesome fabrics for a lucky crafter! :) SNAZZY!
Debbie at Passion for Crafts is giving away some great goodies that include Copics! WHOA!
Over at Scrapcity they are giving away some great Haunted Blackboard! YUM!
So go on over and check them out! :)

21 November 2008

Showing love for the Craft Stores!

Okay, I am a lover of Hobby Lobby by all means and they always have insane great sales, discounts and tons to choose from. The sale this week has an online coupon for 40% off one item so here is the coupon
Michaels is one that I rarely go to, the only reason for this is because it's further from my house than HL... Sorry but it's true, stupid I know but true nonetheless. However I will be going on Sunday because they are having a 5 Hour Blowout Sale and from that link you can click on "more coupons" and there are some other good coupons.
And then we get to JoAnns, which by the way I'd only heard of, they have a few on the opposite side of town from where I live so I never went, I was all about closeness being easy, convenient and let's face it, the gas prices were sucking so I wasn't going across town to save $1 on something... BUT, they just opened one close to my house! Uh Oh! haha :) I went there lastnight and it is GREAT! I love all the fabrics, the crafting section and the scrabook area.. What I also like is that they have about 6 racks of $1 items that are pretty decent for $1... I am all about cheap! :) I mean thrifty, frugal, cheap, whatever you want to call it, I SAVE MONEY! :)

20 November 2008

Does you family deserve a Christmas of Dreams?

Go on over to MomDot.com and specifically here and enter to win, make sure you check out all the rules and you may win a gift package for you and your family valued at over $1000. The winner will be announced on November 28th, so have your entries in before November 26th to be entered.

Sponsors of this insanely great giveaway are (and subject to be adding more as the month goes on):
The Shrunks
Soda Club
Kadi Prescott
Uncommonly Cute
Lollipop Book Club
Silly Monkeez
LA Plates
Natitys Design
Little Black Box
Kidz Sunglasses
jaC Jewelry
Huddy Buddy
Lets Go Strolling
Sassy Baby
Baby Legs
Organic Blankees
Shi Shu Style
Georgie Tees

So happy blogging, happy giveaways and sending all my luck your way! Now go check em' out.

2 Sketches 4 You Christmas card and some more Happiness!

OH GEESH! Where do I start??? Okay I'll save the best for last...

First off, I went through my camera, fixed some stuff, got rid of some out of focus pictures that were taking up space and I got to fit some new card photos, so double YAY! :) here it is, it goes with the 2 Sketches 4 You (#13), and I know by NOOOO means I am up to their par over on that site, they are great card makers but I thought I would throw my hat in the basket anyway. Hope you like it!
It's a pretty simple card, white cardstock base, added some green holiday paper from the sale rack at HL, it just has holiday words all over it, I love that paper! I cute the tree on my cricut, it was supposed to be something else but I rounded the bottom with some curvey sheers and added buttons!
I figured I'd also make the whole thing look like a present so I added red swirly paper as a bow and the center of the bow is a white, square brad..
Side-ish view shows all the dimension, I popped the tree up on dots and the bow is really full of life :)
Another close up of the bow and my Merry Christmas writing, regular Gel white pen and a steady hand! :) And below is my card from the other day, the other picture was really bad so this is a better one, and I think I'm not liking the black so much so I may redo that with white or something else... :)
I just think it's missing something... any ideas?

Next is the completely awesome news! I won again! Can you believe it? Cause I sure can't! If you've never been to the Cosmo Cricket blog, you don't know what you've been missing! They have wonderful ideas, great stuff, giveaways, and jokes along the way! I love it... and I won all the stuff to do this crafty project.... I will be making this... or something very similar! :) And I will post it when it's done. And if that wasn't good enough they said .... I think the winner will also need Buck Naked Alphabuttons and Ornaments and something new to get excited about. I think maybe a Chemistry Paper Crafting kit would do the trick! So that's a lot of great goodies coming my way! I CAN'T WAIT! I'll post the pics when the stuff arrives! :) Now I need to check my lottery tickets!

19 November 2008

Beginning my Christmas cards... finally!

I started.. One down, about a million to go! Geesh!
I am so late in the season this year for everything that I'm about to go CRAZY! I usually have all my shopping done, wrapping paper bought, etc., I have YET to buy ONE single present! ugh... I am ashamed...

So last night I really made it a point to stay up late and get at least one card done, and I did but the picture stinks! I am going to work on cleaning out my camera pics and posting some good pics, these BB pics are killing me!
So here it is...
White card stock for the base, I got this red printed paper on the sale rack at HL (which by the way is having another great sale this week, 50% paper and lots of other goodies!) White chipboard letters that I love!
The flower thing was cut from the cricut, an asteric, and three circles that I ended up trimming down with some crazy edges scissors... I added the black for a punch, I thought it would be different... These pics are really horrible.
The trees were cut from the cricut, I popped up the two on either side with some pop-dots. I roughed up the edges of the circles on the flower and the red paper, then I used my water paint pen (black) and went around the edges of almost everything. What do you think?
And my question for the day... How many cards do you typically send out every Christmas?

Thanks for reading and... Happy Crafting! :)

17 November 2008

Blog candy over there!

Lots of blog candy swarming around these days... not here.. yet... it's a suprise, but go check out these spots for some great stuff!

Kristine over at Kristine's Cards and Photos is having a Blogaversary and giving out some great stuff!

Korin over at Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps is giving out anniversary candy, gooood stuff too!

Kristin over at Scrap Creations is giving out candy for her 1,000 hits, great candy!

Heather over at Heather's Heavenly Stampations is giving some good stuff away too, she's celebrating 5,000 hits in 7 weeks! Craziness! :)

So, go on over to the links, show your love, be entered in their drawings and I hope you win! :)

Yikes! I won again.. I better go buy a lottery ticket!

I am really feeling the love and the LUCK! Geesh, I went from oogling over Carol's crazy luck for winning all things scrappy, to actually winning stuff myself. Last week I won a great prize over at Becky's blog and this weekend I won over at Pinky's blog at Much Ado About Nothing. I can't believe it.

This is the Christmas kit I won at Pinky's. It'll give me the kick in the pants I needed to start my Christmas cards.

And these are the goodies I'll be getting from Becky! Oh how I can't wait! Thanks ladies! YOU ARE AWESOME! :)

13 November 2008

Nothing but nonsense

I have nothing to post about but I'm in the mood to write... so what shall we talk about? The upcoming holidays perhaps? Thanksgiving at my house! Christmas not planned yet, or maybe we should talk about the fact that Christmas is right around the corner and I have yet to buy presents, make cards, create a list, anything!!!

I am sooo behind. I am scared that I might not catch up. I'm usually done by now, DONE as in completely bought everything for everyone I was going to buy this year! Today, nothing bought, money is tight, so I hope my family likes Free Homemade Cookies for their presents. :) YUM

Maybe mine won't look this good but it's worth dreaming about! :) So my question to all of you (yeah all 2 of you that read this blog) is since the economy pretty much sucks right now and maybe it's not the best of financial times are you still going out and splurging for Christmas OR is it all cut back this year, crafty or homemade gifts?

Let me know, I'm anxious to get some ideas and don't forget if you leave a comment you will be entered in an upcoming out of the blue giveaway. :)

12 November 2008

Veteran's Day Rememberance

I know.. A day late but I had some complications getting online yesterday, as in I didn't work, as in I was working on presents and as in we had a family emergency... So happy late Veteran's Day to all the Veteran, past and present, to all the active members of the military, and to all your families! As a vet I know that Veteran's Day is huge thanks! Giving a thank you to someone may not always be as easy to let out as everyone thinks. But how do you thank someone that has risked their life, their career, their future just so you can be free, so you don't have to fight?? It's hard and I never realized it until after I joined the military. I joined the Army in 1998 as a Junior in High School, even then I didn't realize the risk I was taking, I figured, college money, traveling, meeting new people--The End...

Wrong! I was in Germany when 9-11 happened and talk about a world turning upside down in a heartbeat! It was a day most of us will never soon forget. Being in the military at that time was the hardest part of being in the Military. I never imagined something like that happening. Before that day I never thought of my enlistment as a risk, I never thought that I would be affected by it like that. I was wrong and I realize that for whatever reason someone joins the military, they are 100% putting their lives into someone else's hands, they are risking everything for everyone else's freedom. After 9-11 everyone had a different point of view of the military and who served and I'm glad it was a huge eye-opener for everyone to see what the Soldiers do for them but I am sad that it took so many lives for everyone to wake up.

So a HUGE thank you to all that have served, that are serving and who will soon serve because we are eternally greatful for your contribution to OUR freedom and the futures of our children!


Shopping and tiredness....

I did some shopping on Saturday and forgot to tell you all! Well I may have told you but I didn't add pictures. Not that these pictures are great but they're pictures. haha :) So Hobby Lobby had a great sale last week, as always and another one this week. But I hadn't purchased any scrapping stuff in a while so I loved what they had and I had the online 40% off coupon so this is what I got. Above are 20 sheets of alphabet chipboards, TWENTY! 2 sheets of each rainbow color, they were $9.95 but with my coupon got them at about $6.00! SCORE!
Next, was this paper pack, 180 sheets by The Paper Studio, I love these packs because you get so many all together without having to thumb through tons of paper stacks! Regular $19.95, my mom used a 40% off coupon for me and almost half price--ta-da!
I think this one has about 100 sheets I don't remember, ki Designs paper, regular $11, went back and used a 40% off coupon and about $5.50, woohoo! :) Then I went over to my in-laws and they had this bin of old ribbon that they won't be using anymore and they gave it all to me! :) FREE! I love free stuff! :) Thanks!Thennnn this happened! My girl, not paying attention (looking at the T.V.) decided to run into a half-way opened door and BOOM! a HUGE knot on her head, purple, red, blue, swollen, LOVELY! Way to go Mikayla, way to go!
So the tiredness comes from working around the clock on Christmas presents, I will post pics of them later, but they are a secret so not yet. :)

10 November 2008


I'm a winner! YAY, I'm so happy! The other day I told you all to go to Becky's over at Confession of a 20-Something Scrapbooking Mother, well I WON! I can't believe it!

Thanks so much BECKY! :)

I'll be posting all my goodies when I get them and as I use up the goodies, I'll post my creations! I can't wait! LOVE EM!


Weekend update

Not much is going on in my neighborhood. How about yours? Saturday we did some window shopping, I say only window shopping because the "going out of business" sales that are going on around here aren't so great. When you switch a $27.99 kids shirt to a low, low bargain price of $26.49, it really doesn't make me want to pull the debit card out.
Frustrated. Yes. But having money in my pocket after 6 hours of shopping is great! Although I didn't go home with much, it was nice to get out of the house.

Saturday I made this quickie card, horrible picture I know but I hope to have my good camera up and running soon. :)
These pics are possibly as bad as they can get, they do my little card noooo justice whatsoever! I hate it, I really want my kodak back! Curse you Blackberry with little zoom and no focus ability! Curse you! I feel better now having got that out of my system... ugh. So the card was quick, those green strips to the left is the solid color that is also the entire inside of the card, I rounded the edges, added some buttons to form a "flower", added white chipboard and ta-da... nothing to it.. except horrible pictures that is.. ugh. someone... please... buy... me... a... NIKON D80... I'm just sayin'.. haha :)

06 November 2008

Updates, updates, and some blog candy--over there!

I've been out of the blogging world for about a week for some personal leave. Today though, I'm back and not in full swing, I'm tired, I'm cold and well grumpy a bit.
So this will be quick and to the point, Halloween Pictures of the girlies, well two of the girlies because the oldest was at her "other" house for Halloween so I missed it. Darn!
Again.. picture quality... NOT.. GREAT~!!!! ugh.. forgive me..Actually this picture (top) is great, why? Because I didn't take it, I got it from my cousin! Thanks Jen! :) But there they are, Nevaeh is a blushing bride and Mikayla is the great Batgirl...And seperately..... (ROAR) or is it screachy? Like a bat?? who knows.. My bride.. geesh I got to get my camera working! ugh.. I can't stand it, blurry pics! And my nephew, Nate, none other than a Broncos player! He refused to wear the helmet for pics! Little Stinker!Candy anyone? Geesh, people sure are generous now compared to when I was little! hahaI can't forget Amora, the bumble bee.. She was too cute! Un-masked little stinkers!
And again, showing sisterly love! I love when they all get along :)
Okay now that you're done looking at all my pics, blurry and more blurry... go on over to Confessions of a 20-Something Scrapbooking Mother, Becky's giving away some blog candy.. :) So go on over, show some love and leave a comment...
happy scrapping,