12 November 2008

Shopping and tiredness....

I did some shopping on Saturday and forgot to tell you all! Well I may have told you but I didn't add pictures. Not that these pictures are great but they're pictures. haha :) So Hobby Lobby had a great sale last week, as always and another one this week. But I hadn't purchased any scrapping stuff in a while so I loved what they had and I had the online 40% off coupon so this is what I got. Above are 20 sheets of alphabet chipboards, TWENTY! 2 sheets of each rainbow color, they were $9.95 but with my coupon got them at about $6.00! SCORE!
Next, was this paper pack, 180 sheets by The Paper Studio, I love these packs because you get so many all together without having to thumb through tons of paper stacks! Regular $19.95, my mom used a 40% off coupon for me and almost half price--ta-da!
I think this one has about 100 sheets I don't remember, ki Designs paper, regular $11, went back and used a 40% off coupon and about $5.50, woohoo! :) Then I went over to my in-laws and they had this bin of old ribbon that they won't be using anymore and they gave it all to me! :) FREE! I love free stuff! :) Thanks!Thennnn this happened! My girl, not paying attention (looking at the T.V.) decided to run into a half-way opened door and BOOM! a HUGE knot on her head, purple, red, blue, swollen, LOVELY! Way to go Mikayla, way to go!
So the tiredness comes from working around the clock on Christmas presents, I will post pics of them later, but they are a secret so not yet. :)

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jeremy said...

whats up with Mikayla running into doors? she did it at our going away party too! is she doing alright though?