10 November 2008

Weekend update

Not much is going on in my neighborhood. How about yours? Saturday we did some window shopping, I say only window shopping because the "going out of business" sales that are going on around here aren't so great. When you switch a $27.99 kids shirt to a low, low bargain price of $26.49, it really doesn't make me want to pull the debit card out.
Frustrated. Yes. But having money in my pocket after 6 hours of shopping is great! Although I didn't go home with much, it was nice to get out of the house.

Saturday I made this quickie card, horrible picture I know but I hope to have my good camera up and running soon. :)
These pics are possibly as bad as they can get, they do my little card noooo justice whatsoever! I hate it, I really want my kodak back! Curse you Blackberry with little zoom and no focus ability! Curse you! I feel better now having got that out of my system... ugh. So the card was quick, those green strips to the left is the solid color that is also the entire inside of the card, I rounded the edges, added some buttons to form a "flower", added white chipboard and ta-da... nothing to it.. except horrible pictures that is.. ugh. someone... please... buy... me... a... NIKON D80... I'm just sayin'.. haha :)