27 May 2008

Out of the Loop again

Sorry, it's been one thing after another around here. I was out of the loop for the Memorial Weekend. ---Thank you to all our Soldiers-Past and Present---

Now I'm at work but not busy, tomorrow I'll be hanging out at work but I'll be gone until Monday of next week at least, I'm going out of town again to see my husband's grandfather. I was scheduled for knee surgery on Thursday but first things first, family!

So I hope everyone had a good long weekend and I wish you all a good rest of the week. I'll be back next week with updates!

22 May 2008

Happy Graduation Mikayla! (and Austin pics)

Yesterday was Mikayla's last day of school and she is officially a First Grader now! Ohhhh how I can't believe that time is going so fast! Isn't she the cutest kindergartener ever??? This is Mikayla with Ms. Bowman, which I have to say has been the best kindergarten teacher I have ever known! Hands down she has a way with these kids and she's a great teacher. I am so happy she was the one to lead Mikayla on the path to her exciting education! So thank you Ms. Bowman! I know she doesn't read my blog but everyone needs to know how great she is... and I have a little something in the mail for her :)

Another thing I may or may not have mentioned was Mikayla's End of the Year Report, all her classmates had to do a 15-20 minute presentation on an animal or planet. Mikayla chose Giraffes and I was proud that she did it all on her own. They had to answer several questions and do some visuals for the class. These were hers, 1 fact-the giraffe's tongue is 18 inches long, and the life cyle-baby calf, older calf, and adult. Way to go Mikayla!Geesh, I hadn't realized I was so behind in posting pictures and what was going on... Nothing like having life slap you in the face and mess up your regularly scheduled programs. :)
So like I said a few days ago, I tagged along with my husband to Austin. Here is a pic of the college first off.Across the street is this church, and by golly I love photographing churches, actually I love photographing everything and sometimes not in the most obvious way a photo should be but here is the church across the street from the college. I was experimenting with my black and white camera option and I think this looked nice. :)Although I ventured around Austin by myself I thought it was great opportunity to go to a few places I knew my husband would rather not go, the college being one and the other being the Umlauf Statue Park. Umlauf is a well known artist down in Austin, mainly because he went to the college and whatever, the lady at the park gave me the story but I really wasn't paying attention because I just wanted to hurry up and go outside to photograph the art. So sorry Park Lady but really.... if I wanted an explanation I really would have asked. I am a firm believer that anyone can create art, it may not be what YOU specifically like but there are so many different types of art and everyone likes something different. You can be as great as Leonardo or you can splatter some paint if you like... :) Anywho I'm a fan of all arts and I love taking pictures of it all so here are some bronze statues, some in color, some in black and white of works done by Umlauf. Enjoy and remember these are copywrite of Elizabeth Poe, if you want to use them ask me and we can arrange something.Those were my favorites out of my bunch, now for some regular in the park pics that I took while walking on the park's trail.I was hungry and I saw these, they looked appetizing but I didn't eat them, I probably would have died. hah!Doesn't this look so serene? I could sit here and listen to the water and read all day or sleep.... I loved it!This is the same tree from different angles, I put it in black and white and thought it came out good. Reminds me of a scary halloweeny tree. Sorry but I didn't upload the color version of the tree so you could compare. Oh well. I like it like this anyway! :) Have a good Thursday!

20 May 2008

Change of plans...

Well if you know me, family is first and foremost on my priority list, whether it's mine or my husband's or my friend's family. I planned on doing lots of scrapbooking this weekend but it just didn't happen. Friday was poker night at my house so we had a few friends over and were up all night playing cards. Saturday I watched my friend's daughter all day and helped run around for supplies for my dad; he's landscaping my back yard :) I'll have pics of that soon... Sunday I ended up going to my husband's grandparents house, his grandfather is in the hospital and not doing well, please keep him and our family in your prayers.

This has made me really think of my own grandparents, which I don't get to see often because they live towns away from me, but I love them so much and they have endured so much in their lifetime. Sometimes I can't fathom how they made things work in the most dire situations, but they did and I hate that I sometimes make little things seem so huge but I almost always overcome all situations. I just wish I could take their pain and let them be happier. My grandmother was diagnosed with Dymensia and Alzheimers a while back and it is such a hard thing to live through and yet she's still here with us.

So please to all of you dwelling on the little things.... it's not worth it! Get over it! There is more to life than bickering about small stuff!

16 May 2008

I'm back.... whether you like it or not! :)

Hah! So yes, I'm back and yes, I failed miserably at logging in at the hotel to put some blog posts in but you know what I'm not sorry about it! So there... :) Just kidding, I feel a little guilty but I do have to say it was quite nice not having to log in all week and not having to wake up and come to work, or drive all around town and run errands and well I can go on and on about how nice it was to relax. My husband was in training classes for work all day while we were in Austin and well I slept, I shopped, I got manicures and pedicures and I read books, and I'm energized now, I feel refreshed finally.

So here I am back and work, with 300 emails and trying to catch up, but I'm not in a rush, I am okay with my work being piled up because the truth is, I'll get it all done and then I'll have nothing to do for another month. So let it allllll pile up baby! :) Haha.... So the news is that I am getting a big box of scrapbooking goodies today that I ordered like ages ago so I will definately be scapping this weekend. Yippee! I also got my 300 pictures from my wedding developed so I'll be working on those too. I can't wait! I really need to get some of this creative energy out! haha...

Other news is that the girls finish school next week and I can't believe it... and my middle daughter finished her kindergarten year with PERFECT ATTENDANCE! She's so happy! YAY!

I have some pics from Austin on my trip but I haven't had a chance to download them, so patience is needed for those. :)

As for Mother's Day I do have to say that my Mother's Day was a Mother's Week actually since I got out of town, no kids, no work, no worries... yeah right, worries are always there but it was nice. So thank you to my hubby for letting me tag along on his work trip. :)

10 May 2008

Out of town....

I'll be back on Thursday, I might post if I can but I might be busy taking pictures in Austin. :) Sorry for the blog delay and a heads up, I just got my 400 pictures from my wedding developed... Almost 3 years later but better late than never, so be ready to see more wedding layouts. Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers!

06 May 2008

Blog Candy again

I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to send you to The Card Grotto and to Kitty's Krafty Blog where these ladies have decided to be EVER so generous and give some Blog Candy away. All you have to do it leave a comment and mention it on your blog. Ta-da, you're entered, just like that. So here is my entry, my link and my fingers crossed to win! :) Thanks Ladies!

05 May 2008

Sooo Sorry

I have been out of the blogging loop for a few days, oh alright 4 days. I just haven't really felt like blogging forgive me... or don't... hah :) But anywho, I'm here today and stressed out as usual but on Sunday I get to go to Austin with my hubby and get some ME time while he's in training for work. I can't wait, I rarely have time away to be alone or with my husband alone, and I think that now is the best time to have a few days off. So I'll be gone from Sunday to Thursday, I will be taking pictures and posting while I'm gone I hope but NO promises :)

Okay so I was cleaning my house on Friday and Saturday because I can't stand clutter! I hate it! I feel closterphobic with it so I threw out stuff and put stuff away for a yard sale I plan to do Saturday. YAY! But while I was cleaning I realized I have a 'problem'. I buy more kids' books than anyone I have ever or will ever know. My mom agreed with me on this subject this morning. Which is okay by me because really it's for the benefit of my daughters, I LOVE to read and being able to pass that passion of reading to my daughters is amazing. I love the idea of reading, the creativity, the imagination, the feeling you get when you read of serenity. Is it me or does everyone feel like this when they read? Well if not oh well, that's how I feel and that's how I hope to have the girls feel, like they can doooo anything and they can imagine anything. So here's a picture of my girls' bookshelf.

This isn't all of them, these bookshelves are about 5.5 feet tall and when all the books are here where they are supposed to be, it's completely FULL!
These are all the "chapter books" that the girls are into now, I love it because alot of them are books that I read when I was little... :)
More books, I organized this in a way that they are seperated into reading levels, my pre-schooler, my soon to be 1st grader (whom reads 3rd grade level almost) and my 3rd grader.
See all these books have only been accumulating for the past 5 years, and like I said there are many more scattered throughout my house, my other daughter's room, closets, toy boxes and their play room. But do you think it's an addiction or just the idea that I have to better educate my children. I trullyyyyyy think that these books are the reason my 6 year old is reading at a 3rd grade level and why she's been a quick learner since she was small. I read to her every day and now she reads EVERY DAY! She actually reads more than I do now, I love it!

Sorry it's way off the "crafty" subject but I thought I would mention it, just because... so hate it or love it... either way leave me comment :)

01 May 2008

Catching up

I'm behind a couple days but I have good reason, and to tell you the truth... I really didn't even want to post today but here I am (and maybe a little testy).... On Monday I started feeling sick, Tuesday still not better, Tuesday night, had another misscarriage, worst thing was that I didn't even know I was pregnant. I'm on the pill but for me that really doesn't mean much considering that I got pregnant on the pill twice already. I should know better right? Well I'm here, upset, sore and feeling like I need to sleep another few days! Yeah people... days!

On a good note though, my mom and dad are moving in with us tomorrow and I can't wait! The girls are going to LOVE having them around all the time! Not to mention it will be a HUGE help for me, especially since I'll have surgery on my knee in the next month or so (UGH) and school is ending in a few weeks so they get to hang out with Grandma all summer! YAY! I wish I could be so lucky, but I'm here, stuck at work, chatting to a computer that rarely answers back. :(

So in other news, we got a new truck, no wait... let me re-phrase that... my husband got a new truck. I cannot believe how much the cost of vehicles have went up in the last few years, insane! Besides that I'll be cleaning out my extra room tonight for my parent's arrival tomorrow, and we get to go see George Lopez live on Saturday, he's so funny, it will be a blast!

Okay I know I started this blog in hopes to be SUPER-crafty but I'm really leaning towards changing the idea of this blog. I complain alot about worldly things, I hate politics, I'm a "common-sense" type of gal and don't get me wrong, I love my crafts but I'm not sure thats ALLLL I want to talk about here. So let me know??!!??? What do you think I should do??? Would I be really lame if I left this darn "Crafty" title and still blabbed about everything other than craftiness? I still plan on being crafty but being that I have little time to craft I know I won't have something crafty for each post... get it? Well let me know...

In the news, we have a huge fire burning here in NM and it doesn't look good, especially because the winds are bad and have been picking up all day. So I watched the news last night and one thing I can't stand are ---stupid questions--- I know in school they tell you, there's no such thing as a stupid question.. blah...blah...blah... but really there IS! This fire is going on and people are being evacuated and the news crew is on the side of the road tormenting these people and asking questions as they drive away from their homes.... This is how it went...

News Guy: Sir, sir... wait... stop... sir, I see you're leaving in the evacuation (DUH! I mean really what gave it away, my whole family piled in a truck with our most valuable assets and animals in the back, in a line of people evacuating???)

Man: (crying) Yes, they told us we had to leave because our homes and families were in danger and in direct line of the fire. (really, really crying now)

News Guy: So how does this make you feel? (It makes me feel like I want to punch you in the face for asking me such a STUPID question! How the hell do you think it makes me feel, they just told me we're in danger and we have to leave our house and belongings behind, how would you feel?)

Man: I can't talk to you anymore. (and he drove away---rightfully so)

If you didn't get that I was the one talking in the (parenthesis) then I can't help you, you'll have to re-read it and hope you understand...
But really, where do News Guys come up with this stuff, it's not rocket science, of course the guy feels bad, he probably built that house with his bare hands and his wife probably made every curtain in the house, I don't know but obviously he feels bad, for goodness sake's he's crying and he has a loaded truck of stuff, driving down the street, hoping and praying that his house of 30 years doesn't burn down.... C'mon people, c'mon News Guys, I know you're smarter than that!