20 May 2008

Change of plans...

Well if you know me, family is first and foremost on my priority list, whether it's mine or my husband's or my friend's family. I planned on doing lots of scrapbooking this weekend but it just didn't happen. Friday was poker night at my house so we had a few friends over and were up all night playing cards. Saturday I watched my friend's daughter all day and helped run around for supplies for my dad; he's landscaping my back yard :) I'll have pics of that soon... Sunday I ended up going to my husband's grandparents house, his grandfather is in the hospital and not doing well, please keep him and our family in your prayers.

This has made me really think of my own grandparents, which I don't get to see often because they live towns away from me, but I love them so much and they have endured so much in their lifetime. Sometimes I can't fathom how they made things work in the most dire situations, but they did and I hate that I sometimes make little things seem so huge but I almost always overcome all situations. I just wish I could take their pain and let them be happier. My grandmother was diagnosed with Dymensia and Alzheimers a while back and it is such a hard thing to live through and yet she's still here with us.

So please to all of you dwelling on the little things.... it's not worth it! Get over it! There is more to life than bickering about small stuff!

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