28 October 2008

Horrible Blog Candy Receiver!!!!!!

Geesh! Maybe I should take a blog etiquette class cause I totally suck at giving props to blog candy givers!!!! UGHHHH, I'm sooooo sorry Damaris!!! She really rocks! She has a blog, you may know it, Within the Corners of My Kitchen which is an excellent source of great goodies, great recipes and well she's just great.

So the point of this post is that she gives some great blog candy and well I WON one! It's so cute and HORRIBLE ME, I forgot to give her props and post about it. Well I didn't entirely forget, I created a post about it and then took the pictures later and forgot to add them to the draft and post it! Crazy I know but it was around the time my camera was out of memory and I switched jobs... hence the bad BB pics. ugh.
So this is what I got, with my girls in mind and they loved it. Damaris has these random giveaways and this one happened to be from an online store she liked, called Kung Fu Cowgirl. The bag is adorable and it's about 3x5 and it was stuffed with goodies for the girls. Old school stickers, remember these? Scratch and sniff? haha :) love em'
Then another little sticker and a rainbow-ish ring that Mikayla loves! :)
These cute buttons that I wanted to swipe to put in my office but the girls decided to add them to the straps of their backpacks... CUTE!
And of course the cutest are these earrings, two sets, pizza and cupcakes! Love them both but I have to work on getting the girls to peirce their ears without crying bloody murder and having me walk around the mall for an hour trying to convince them to peirce the 2nd ear! yeah it's happened... I'm still crazy about it, can you tell? haha
So aren't they the cutest things you ever saw? I love the cupcakes! especially cause they're chocolate I guess! :) So there you have it, curse me, scold me, tell me how horrible I am to not have posted this earlier, but I want to tell you that I did email her as soon as I won and told her thank you a few times! :)

27 October 2008

HSM3 Movie Review

WOW! On Friday I told you all that I was taking the girls to go see HSM3, that's High School Musical for all you non-Disney people.....My girls had October 24th (HSM3 release date) etched in their brains because they wanted to see it sooooo badly. Even my 3 year old knew it was coming out and she just knew she had to be there for it.

I bought the tickets online so I wouldn't have to wait in line at the theater, I also wanted to suprise the girls. I knew it would be hard since they knew exactly what day it was... But I did it anyway AND I pulled it off! hahahahaha

How'd I do it??? I'm tricky thats how! I told them we were going to see that Chihuahua movie, not sure the name, but when I told them that booooyyyyy were they upset! I couldn't trick the littlest one though, not sure how that happened, but she was pretty much convinced from the get go that we were watching HSM3, no buts about it. Mikayla wasn't extremely unhappy because she figured she would end up watching it one day soon, so the Chihuahua movie was okay with her. But Alex, no way, talk about an angry 9 year old that planned on staring at Zac Efron all night, whew, if looks could kill! hahaha..

I'm not sure how they didn't figure it out, we went an HOUR before showtime to sit in line, we had to runnnn to the theater once the guy took our tickets, the entire theater was packed, I mean PACKED with 12 and under kids and a row of 17 year olds... Mikayla said... whoa there's alot of people that want to see this Chihuahua movie huh mom? haha.. I said yup!

All the movie trailers went on and on and on, and finally the movie started, I think they thought it was another movie trailer but then the SINGING commenced! Yikes! They totally owe me! The show had a positive outcome overall though, yeah the singing was a BIT cheesy, the acting wasn't 100% up to par, but overall the true meaning of the story was great, it encourages young people not to "follow the crowd" and to be individuals and to make their own choices. It was a good movie, great choreography, etc. but I think for ME, the singing was a bit much at times. And well it's the so I won't say it's bad, it's a good movie for kids and all three of mine sat and watched intensely through the entire hour and forty minutes of it; and they sang and danced along as did much of the kids watching the show. :)

24 October 2008

Lonnnnng post.. get ready.. get set... GOOOOO

Sorry in advance for the extra long post you are about to see... Lots of stuff going on...and I promise if you read far enough into the post you'll see my crafty late night stuff from last night! :)

Okay, first.. Tag-I'm it! Carol over at Crazy for Crafting tagged me to put up 7 facts about me, here goes.

1. I'm a Libra and I just turned 28!
2. I was in the Army for a total of 8 years as a Human Resources Specialist
3. I am NOT a morning person AT ALLLLLLL--which will probably have you asking how I made it in the Army.. well when someone is yelling at you at 4 in the morning, you're inclined to just get up so they can shut up... :)
5. I love to paint and draw but can never seem to find the time for it
6. I am secretly making something for my sisters for Christmas this year! It's going to be GREAT!
7. I would do absolutely, positively ANYTHING on this green Earth for any one of my family members, they mean the Galaxy to me! (You know cause the Galaxy is wayyy bigger than the World)

So upon being tagged, doing my tag duties and passing on the tag, I now tag.... Nancy Face, Ms. Sassy Sasha and Lauren, now tag on sisters, tag on! :)

Other news... my blog candy will be a suprise, maybe it will be when I hit 2950 hits on my blog, or maybe when I hit 3000, or maybe it will be at 3101. You just never know, but the only ones that will be entered are the Non-lurkers, the ones that leave real, actual comments! :) yay...

Okay the next story is long but FUN nonetheless. We were sitting watching TV last night about 9:30ish and the door bell rang. Hummm who could it be??? I sent the husband to go check it out, and who is there??? NOBODY! NOBODY at all can you believe it? BUT, they left a gift, (imagine picture here) it was a halloween cup, filled with candy and a scarecrow on a stick, with a paper attached that read:

The "Phantom Ghost" has come to town to leave you some goodies, I see you have found.
If you do not wish a curse to fall, continue this greeting, this "Phantom" call.
First post this "Phantom" where it can be seen, and leave it there until Halloween.
This will scare other Phantoms who may visit, be sure to participate, don't be a fis-bidget.
Second, make 2 "Phantoms" and 2 notes like this, deliver them to 2 friends who may have been missed.
Don't let them see you, be sneaky, no doubt, and make sure they put their Phantom Ghost out!
Next, you only have ONE DAY to act, so be quick!
Leave it at doors where the Phantom hasn't hit!
Deliver at dark, when there is no light.
Ring the doorbell and run, stay out of sight!!!
At last, but not least, come join in the season.
Don't worry, be happy, you need no reason.
Be cool, have fun, and remember don't be seen.. and share in the spirit of HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

My first question is... Am I the only one that has never seen this??? If you have let me know cause it's new to me. Second, what is a fis-bidget? Welllll.. my neighbors are.. shall we say... creative in more ways than one. I think I know who put it there and she's all about fun and games and it's neat that our neighborhood is getting involved and keeping morale up so to speak, but ONE DAY??? I mean really??? ONE DAY??? hahaha.. just kidding, I won't complain and I won't go all Humbug on you so lastnight I made these lovely door hangers which I will fill up with candy and a mini scarecrow. :)

This is a 12x12 paper, rolled into a cone, I tore off the edge so you can see the white under the orange, more Halloweenish I guess.. haha :) just go with me here..
You can see where I drew a web inside the cone, very spooky, right? :) Well I used the Cricut to cut out the BOO and the black tags they are on. I used some orange $1 ribbon as the holders, so I can easily put them around the door knob, ring the doorbell and run like the dickens! DARN.. times like this I wish I was in better shape! haha
This is the back/side of the cone. Bad picture I know but I'm still using the Blackberry to do this stuff.. sorry... but if anyone would like to get me an early Christmas present... NIKON D80 please... :) So I also cut out the black asteric looking flowers that are behind the orange flowers on the Cricut as well.
I added the letters to the tags with a glue stick, and then added a little straw stuff to one of the tag holes on each letter.
The flowers are primas and I used the cropadile to add the centers and make them all stay on the cone.
These little guys took the longest of all, I had to free hand 4 of them, 2 for each cone and I only adhered them in the middle so the batty wings can look like they were flying! :)
So there you have it, that's what I'll be doing tonight... riiiiiight after I get home from taking my girls to see High School Musical 3! Lord help me! :)

23 October 2008

Blog candy... go check it out!

Geesh I love the blog world, crafty women who blog, hilarious women that blog, real women that blog, I love that we all relate in some way....

I especially love FREE stuff, c'mon on, you know you do too! So go check out the blog candy over at Papercrafts by Rach and over at Jill’s Cards, they are quite fantastic!

Also, I just noticed that I am at over 2900 visitors... so why don't you comment? Lurkers? Stalkers? Non-Commenters? You'll all be sad when I do a giveaway for those of you that do comment.. S-A-D!!!!

Carol... won't they be sad? (Carol was the first winner for comments!) Yeah I know.. they will be...

21 October 2008

Quick (crafty) Post...

This is going to be quick, I have about 10 minutes to get this all typed up before I have go to training for work so bear with me if it's choppy and crazy. :) I actually got something done over the last week, ONE thing but it's better than nothing.. Right? Well my sisters birthday was on October 15th and I hadn't seen her but I made this card and was able to hand deliver it this weekend.. Her favorite color is purple so that's why it's so purple--y.. :)
Regular purple cardstock, tore some of the same base color for the center of the inside strip, I got a few different purplish patterned papers to line the torn edge with.
The purple flower is Prima of course, white grommet inside and I cut strips of white cardstock to make the background flower, I frayed the edges with a sharpie and ta-da. :)
I added some chipboard for the "happy" and I wrote in Birthday in a white pen, I love it!I got a matching paperclip to add the gift card (itunes) woohoo, and I added her name with some new sticky letters I got at Hobby Lobby.. :) Yay.. The colors aren't all purple but they make the inside pop! :) I added my sisterly words to the inside with the same white pen. It came out wayyyy better than I imagined it. So I'm happy.. Let me know what you think! :)

16 October 2008

Working on getting my mojo back..news and... blog candy over yonder...

Okay, I have a lack of pictures, craftiness, mojo, you name it, I've got a lack of it... yeah that doesn't even sound right but oh well... I'm going with it.

So... no pictures because I still have yet to either develop all my 1800 pictures on my SD Card or buy a new, clean, crisp card... So even if I did have cool, out of this world craftiness to show you, I would still have no way to actually show you... unlesssss I got all techno-smart and actually used my blackberry to post. But we won't get into that, I have no room on my camera and that's that. :)

Okay so other news, go on over to Stampin' When I Can and check out the ENTIRE blog, it's worth it, I'm a lurker there... she sends me to great crafty blogs allll the time, and she's having a 2 year anniversary so she's going to give some blog candy. Be there or be square!

Other stuff is that I always read Lauren's Blog... Love it! She really does amazing work. Well she's been getting ready for a craft fair, and actually they need to be ready for her because her stuff is great! She's totally going to sell out. Most of all I love her little Sour Cream Containers and well she found them over from Beate's Split Coast Stampers place where she now has a tutorial.

These are the one's that Lauren did, I stole the picture from her blog.. hope you don't mind Lauren..... So I'm thinking I may have to try to get some of these done for stocking stuffers this year.. :) What cha think?

ANNNNNDDDDD last but certainly not least, in personal news... I'm going to be an AUNTIE again! yay! Congratulations to my sister Yvonne, she's pregnant with bambino numero DOS! :) or maybe two and three! :) (fingers crossed... waiting... anxiously...)

This concludes for today... Happy crafting!

15 October 2008

NON-craft related

Okay so nothing crafty today but I am happy anyhow... Why you ask? THIS is why.

Can you freaking believe it???? They've been having gas wars here in Albuquerque and some mom and pop shops got to $2.85 last week and I came to work yesterday to see this one at $2.75! CRAZY! I love it, that's how it needs to stay, I mean it can go down if it wants but that almost $4.00 stuff was driving me nuts! It was almost costing me more to drive to work than I was being paid to be AT work...

Anyhow this whole economy thing has got me angry, upset, frustrated and second guessing all my decisions! I hate it, you know what I wished for on my birthday??? I wished it would all be over! ugh!

14 October 2008

Birthday weekend!

Wow! I just have to say first and foremost, I am convinced to the tenth power that I married the best man ever! I don't know what I ever did to deserve him but he is the greatest, EVER!
You see, yesterday was my birthday - yay! happy birthday to me!---and my husband created a suprise Birthday Party for me on Saturday, shocked, yes, why? Because 1, he's not a very good liar, as in he can't keep secrets at alllll, and 2, he usually alwaysssss waits until the last minute for holidays and birthday stuff.

But this time, he planned in advance, he called people, emailed, harassed people for other people's information, he had people drive 3 hours, and he had a suprise party for me! Impressed is what I am! Happy, overjoyed, Loved, and even more crazy in love with him than ever! He truly was a blessing to me when I met him 6 years ago and I never really knew why, he always went out of his way to make me happy and 6 years later it's the exact same, and I love it!

Soooooo, the party was a success and great and the food was delicious, but I veared off the diet road that day, but I'm back on track--oh by the way, I've lost 12 pounds! Woohoo!

I still haven't done anything crafty but I am getting back to a schedule now and you'll see some stuff coming soon, and I still have to work on those Christmas items that are a secret.... So maybe some more sneak peaks for that.

Happy crafting, happy blogging and happy birthday to ME! :)

10 October 2008

Baaaaad Blogger!

Geesh, it's been ages since I've been able to type in there. Sorry bout that! But really, I haven't even been able to touch anything somewhat crafty since my new job. I'm just wore out! Working 9 hours a day and catching up on the weekends are killing me. I hope to get into a groove soon but until then I'll probably continue to be MIA for a while... So.. So... Sorry!... :(