27 October 2008

HSM3 Movie Review

WOW! On Friday I told you all that I was taking the girls to go see HSM3, that's High School Musical for all you non-Disney people.....My girls had October 24th (HSM3 release date) etched in their brains because they wanted to see it sooooo badly. Even my 3 year old knew it was coming out and she just knew she had to be there for it.

I bought the tickets online so I wouldn't have to wait in line at the theater, I also wanted to suprise the girls. I knew it would be hard since they knew exactly what day it was... But I did it anyway AND I pulled it off! hahahahaha

How'd I do it??? I'm tricky thats how! I told them we were going to see that Chihuahua movie, not sure the name, but when I told them that booooyyyyy were they upset! I couldn't trick the littlest one though, not sure how that happened, but she was pretty much convinced from the get go that we were watching HSM3, no buts about it. Mikayla wasn't extremely unhappy because she figured she would end up watching it one day soon, so the Chihuahua movie was okay with her. But Alex, no way, talk about an angry 9 year old that planned on staring at Zac Efron all night, whew, if looks could kill! hahaha..

I'm not sure how they didn't figure it out, we went an HOUR before showtime to sit in line, we had to runnnn to the theater once the guy took our tickets, the entire theater was packed, I mean PACKED with 12 and under kids and a row of 17 year olds... Mikayla said... whoa there's alot of people that want to see this Chihuahua movie huh mom? haha.. I said yup!

All the movie trailers went on and on and on, and finally the movie started, I think they thought it was another movie trailer but then the SINGING commenced! Yikes! They totally owe me! The show had a positive outcome overall though, yeah the singing was a BIT cheesy, the acting wasn't 100% up to par, but overall the true meaning of the story was great, it encourages young people not to "follow the crowd" and to be individuals and to make their own choices. It was a good movie, great choreography, etc. but I think for ME, the singing was a bit much at times. And well it's the so I won't say it's bad, it's a good movie for kids and all three of mine sat and watched intensely through the entire hour and forty minutes of it; and they sang and danced along as did much of the kids watching the show. :)


Lauren said...

Glad they enjoyed it!

Nancy Face said...

I took my little girl to see it, and we BOTH loved it! :)

My little girl is 20 years old, haha! :D

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Aw, how fun! I still don't know if we'll catch this in theatres. My girls loved #1, just liked #2, and I know we'll see #3 eventually. How awesome that you surprised them!! What a fantastic mom!! They DO owe you!