16 October 2008

Working on getting my mojo back..news and... blog candy over yonder...

Okay, I have a lack of pictures, craftiness, mojo, you name it, I've got a lack of it... yeah that doesn't even sound right but oh well... I'm going with it.

So... no pictures because I still have yet to either develop all my 1800 pictures on my SD Card or buy a new, clean, crisp card... So even if I did have cool, out of this world craftiness to show you, I would still have no way to actually show you... unlesssss I got all techno-smart and actually used my blackberry to post. But we won't get into that, I have no room on my camera and that's that. :)

Okay so other news, go on over to Stampin' When I Can and check out the ENTIRE blog, it's worth it, I'm a lurker there... she sends me to great crafty blogs allll the time, and she's having a 2 year anniversary so she's going to give some blog candy. Be there or be square!

Other stuff is that I always read Lauren's Blog... Love it! She really does amazing work. Well she's been getting ready for a craft fair, and actually they need to be ready for her because her stuff is great! She's totally going to sell out. Most of all I love her little Sour Cream Containers and well she found them over from Beate's Split Coast Stampers place where she now has a tutorial.

These are the one's that Lauren did, I stole the picture from her blog.. hope you don't mind Lauren..... So I'm thinking I may have to try to get some of these done for stocking stuffers this year.. :) What cha think?

ANNNNNDDDDD last but certainly not least, in personal news... I'm going to be an AUNTIE again! yay! Congratulations to my sister Yvonne, she's pregnant with bambino numero DOS! :) or maybe two and three! :) (fingers crossed... waiting... anxiously...)

This concludes for today... Happy crafting!


Lauren said...

Thanks for the plug Liz! I hope you get some crafty ideas.

Sasha said...

I been to her blog before, she actually featured my blog once and I was like oh wow lololol...love love going to her blog too for new folks to stalk .. how is your day girl ..

and UMM are you 3 hrs away from me??? say it aint soooo

Nancy Face said...

Awww...a niece or nephew on the way is exciting news! :)