15 October 2008

NON-craft related

Okay so nothing crafty today but I am happy anyhow... Why you ask? THIS is why.

Can you freaking believe it???? They've been having gas wars here in Albuquerque and some mom and pop shops got to $2.85 last week and I came to work yesterday to see this one at $2.75! CRAZY! I love it, that's how it needs to stay, I mean it can go down if it wants but that almost $4.00 stuff was driving me nuts! It was almost costing me more to drive to work than I was being paid to be AT work...

Anyhow this whole economy thing has got me angry, upset, frustrated and second guessing all my decisions! I hate it, you know what I wished for on my birthday??? I wished it would all be over! ugh!


Lauren said...

It's really bad that gas under $3 feel like a steal! hehe. Things will get better. It's such a vicious cycle.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

That is a great photo! I was thrilled to fill up for under $3 a gallon recently! The economy is just very scary. It's horrible that it's gotten this bad.

Sasha said...

Girl wassup .. you know I am happy that gas is going down, cuz umm being stationed out here in NM is getting to my gas tank, we have to drive either freakn 45 or 2hrs just to get to a descent place to eat or a MALL .. yep a MALL .. and oh wait I aint done, we have to drive 20 min to town ..LOL.Girl when we were stationed in Japan, we accidently forgot to fill up our tank right, so tell me why we did not realize it was $3.45 A LITER..yah and we were thinking gallon,, umm I dont even wanna tell you that bill LOL .. funny now but not then..okay am I sitting here having a whole convo with you LOL ..

smooches boo