28 October 2008

Horrible Blog Candy Receiver!!!!!!

Geesh! Maybe I should take a blog etiquette class cause I totally suck at giving props to blog candy givers!!!! UGHHHH, I'm sooooo sorry Damaris!!! She really rocks! She has a blog, you may know it, Within the Corners of My Kitchen which is an excellent source of great goodies, great recipes and well she's just great.

So the point of this post is that she gives some great blog candy and well I WON one! It's so cute and HORRIBLE ME, I forgot to give her props and post about it. Well I didn't entirely forget, I created a post about it and then took the pictures later and forgot to add them to the draft and post it! Crazy I know but it was around the time my camera was out of memory and I switched jobs... hence the bad BB pics. ugh.
So this is what I got, with my girls in mind and they loved it. Damaris has these random giveaways and this one happened to be from an online store she liked, called Kung Fu Cowgirl. The bag is adorable and it's about 3x5 and it was stuffed with goodies for the girls. Old school stickers, remember these? Scratch and sniff? haha :) love em'
Then another little sticker and a rainbow-ish ring that Mikayla loves! :)
These cute buttons that I wanted to swipe to put in my office but the girls decided to add them to the straps of their backpacks... CUTE!
And of course the cutest are these earrings, two sets, pizza and cupcakes! Love them both but I have to work on getting the girls to peirce their ears without crying bloody murder and having me walk around the mall for an hour trying to convince them to peirce the 2nd ear! yeah it's happened... I'm still crazy about it, can you tell? haha
So aren't they the cutest things you ever saw? I love the cupcakes! especially cause they're chocolate I guess! :) So there you have it, curse me, scold me, tell me how horrible I am to not have posted this earlier, but I want to tell you that I did email her as soon as I won and told her thank you a few times! :)


Nancy Face said...

Cute stuff, yay! :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Horrible? Nah! You're not horrible! You're posting it now . . . so you're fine! Sometimes things get in the way of blogging! Shocking, I know, but it's true!

GREAT goodies! Fun stuff. Uhm, when little girls go to get their ears pierced, they're supposed to double gun it. Two ladies are supposed to do the ears with two separate piercing guns at the same time. Believe me, if that hadn't happened, both Emily and Jessica would each have only one pierced ear!! Been there! Done that! The worst part? I took a before, during, and after photo, and I was so determined to get my "after" photo, that I didn't comfort my daughters until I got my photo! Hey, I scrapbook . . . what can I say? The other thing is that Emily went first, cried, and then, much to our disbelief, Jessica jumped right up into the chair with a smile on her face! Dave and I were like . . . "Huh? Didn't she just see what happened to her sister?" It was too funny!!

Lauren said...

Congrats on the candy!

Nit said...

Oooohhhh cool prizes!

I have missed you...I've been out of the blogging scene (life is so damn hectic!)

Anyway, I have missed reading and seeing your newest creations.

I recently joined a "Stampin' up" club, so I will have some interesting things to post, I'm sure!

Take care :)

Sasha said...

Okay now that IS SOME GOOD GOOD blog candy girl .. dang..me love it and thanks for the love princess..

Happy Thursday