28 June 2009

What'd you do today?

How was YOUR Sunday? Cause mine... well it was nuts.... First I delivered my first "wedding package" with all the pictures and CDs. Very exciting! I cleaned and cleaned and well cleaned some more.

When we first bought our house about 5 years ago the first time I walked in it, I noticed there was a little closet under the stairs (think.. Harry Potter) and I immediately said, THE GIRLS PLAY ROOM! Now I'm wondering... what....was... I... thinking???

It's always a mess and I'm the one that has to clean it up. It's insane, not a little mess. A mess like this!!!
A mess so bad that they can't walk in, they have to jump in and over stuff and hope that they don't step on something that stabs the bottom of their feet.
I have to admit that I'm partially to blame since I over-indulge in their toy buying and I get them things even when I know they have something similar or the same already... so I take that blame but really it was out of control. Soooooo, 5 trashbags later, and much more trash that didn't fit in the trashbags, which ended up filling our trashbin for the week (they don't pick up trash til Friday!)... I got this!
I've never arranged for the kitchen in the back but it's nice... it gives them a little cooking nook, and over on the left all the way between the kitchen and the white drawers is their tea set with the trays that are hidden away... AWWW it's nice, but I'm bettng it doesn't stay this way for long.. my fingers are crossed but I know it won't help much!

24 June 2009

2 post in a row... geesh

I'm back, can you believe it? Well it surely does help to have a new computer... I still have nooo time whatsoever but I've given up sleeping so I'm alright. :)

Well today I wanted to show you a pic of my new neice, Shea Marie, she was born on June 2, 2009 and she's adorable. I didn't get a chance to share these earlier so here they are... With a little of my craftiness. Here she is.. She's a doll!
I also made this blankey for her. I hope she likes it. :) I got some good Chenelle blankets at JoAnn's for Christmas and they were a great bargain and I couldn't pass them up. I bought them because we knew we would be expecting her soon so I saved it for this occasion.
The grey part that lines the sides of the front and the back of the blanket is the Chenelle part, the front is a yellow solid fabric and I picked out the animal print in the baby section of Hancock Fabrics.
It should fit the size of the crib easily and I hope she likes to snuggle with it later. :) It's very soft and comfy.
As you can see above I got the animal printed fabric and cut it in strips, wide and narrow and anything in between and I sewed them with a zig zag on top of the yellow fabric letting some of it show through randomly.
This is the final product, this isn't ironed and was straight from the hours on the sewing machine to taking this picture so forgive me that it's all wrinkly and a bit crazy... :)

I'd like to chat longer and post more goodies but I'm off to the gym. :) Happy crafting!

23 June 2009

A Father's Day Card

Well last post I showed you what a great gift my husband got me on a whim the day before Father's Day. It was great, it is great and I've got to use it and I'm estatic! So I thought I'd show the first card I made with it.... his Father's Day card :)
I wanted to do something other than Happy Father's Day or You're Number One or whatever... so I chose this. Thanks and Love... Thanks because he is truly the best father I could have imagined for our kids and love because well... we love him tremendously. I always have a hard time doing masculine cards but I don't think this one is too bad... :) I got a couple green papers and slapped em' together with love.. I traced the THANKS with a black sharpie to make it stand out more and I distressed some of the corners with some tearing.. I put the cursive love on top to make it stand out more in black.
I rounded th corners and in the inside I added anther green paper to the top inside to cover the sharpie tracing that came through and I added some of the same stripes from the outside paper for the inside to jazz it up.

Here's an up close of the THANKS and some of the tearing... Daniel said, ummm did you mess up, I said no I meant that... hellooo duh! haha :) just kidding, he doesn't always "get" my card style. :)
Final product - TA-DA!! Happy Father's Day Daniel and to all the father's all over... :) Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be back soon.. PROMISE! :)

20 June 2009

My husband is AWESOME!

My husband is awesome... The End...

Father's day is tomorrow and he came home with this today...

I think I'm in shock still.. I almost cried... I can't believe it! I think I'm too cheap to buy it for myself but he TOTALLY suprised me..

I love you!

I'll be blogging more by the way, got a new computer too! YAY! :)

14 June 2009

I'm an auntie again!

Well I missed a few Friday's I know, but it wasn't without good cause. I became an Auntie again on June 2nd, my sister had a little baby girl, Shea Marie, she is lovely and I got to spend a week with my sister and her family and it was great. No work, no driving an hour to work and back, no pick ups and drop offs, it was lovely. Here she is :)
I was gone last Friday because I've also been super busy since getting back from my sister's house. I did photos at a wedding on Wednesday and I've been computer shopping and going to birthday parties and having a major migraine for 2 days. Before I knew it, it's today, SUNDAY and where did my weekend go??? Yikes.
I will have tons more pictures but I have to go through them, hopefully I'll get my new computer, set it up and have it running it's rounds soon! :) Until then, happy crafting!