14 June 2009

I'm an auntie again!

Well I missed a few Friday's I know, but it wasn't without good cause. I became an Auntie again on June 2nd, my sister had a little baby girl, Shea Marie, she is lovely and I got to spend a week with my sister and her family and it was great. No work, no driving an hour to work and back, no pick ups and drop offs, it was lovely. Here she is :)
I was gone last Friday because I've also been super busy since getting back from my sister's house. I did photos at a wedding on Wednesday and I've been computer shopping and going to birthday parties and having a major migraine for 2 days. Before I knew it, it's today, SUNDAY and where did my weekend go??? Yikes.
I will have tons more pictures but I have to go through them, hopefully I'll get my new computer, set it up and have it running it's rounds soon! :) Until then, happy crafting!

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