28 June 2009

What'd you do today?

How was YOUR Sunday? Cause mine... well it was nuts.... First I delivered my first "wedding package" with all the pictures and CDs. Very exciting! I cleaned and cleaned and well cleaned some more.

When we first bought our house about 5 years ago the first time I walked in it, I noticed there was a little closet under the stairs (think.. Harry Potter) and I immediately said, THE GIRLS PLAY ROOM! Now I'm wondering... what....was... I... thinking???

It's always a mess and I'm the one that has to clean it up. It's insane, not a little mess. A mess like this!!!
A mess so bad that they can't walk in, they have to jump in and over stuff and hope that they don't step on something that stabs the bottom of their feet.
I have to admit that I'm partially to blame since I over-indulge in their toy buying and I get them things even when I know they have something similar or the same already... so I take that blame but really it was out of control. Soooooo, 5 trashbags later, and much more trash that didn't fit in the trashbags, which ended up filling our trashbin for the week (they don't pick up trash til Friday!)... I got this!
I've never arranged for the kitchen in the back but it's nice... it gives them a little cooking nook, and over on the left all the way between the kitchen and the white drawers is their tea set with the trays that are hidden away... AWWW it's nice, but I'm bettng it doesn't stay this way for long.. my fingers are crossed but I know it won't help much!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Great job on the clean up! I was always the worst with toys too! The girls would get a lot, and I over bought at so many garage sales! I justified it by how little I was spending at the garage sales! Well, I did sell a ton of stuff AND I donated a ton of stuff . . . there comes a time for all of us to do that! Anyway, that area is adorable, and hopefully it stays nice and clean! Sure looks fun!

Lena said...

Wow, what a difference! Looks good, we'll see how. Long that lasts! I bet Nate had fun in there! :)