24 June 2009

2 post in a row... geesh

I'm back, can you believe it? Well it surely does help to have a new computer... I still have nooo time whatsoever but I've given up sleeping so I'm alright. :)

Well today I wanted to show you a pic of my new neice, Shea Marie, she was born on June 2, 2009 and she's adorable. I didn't get a chance to share these earlier so here they are... With a little of my craftiness. Here she is.. She's a doll!
I also made this blankey for her. I hope she likes it. :) I got some good Chenelle blankets at JoAnn's for Christmas and they were a great bargain and I couldn't pass them up. I bought them because we knew we would be expecting her soon so I saved it for this occasion.
The grey part that lines the sides of the front and the back of the blanket is the Chenelle part, the front is a yellow solid fabric and I picked out the animal print in the baby section of Hancock Fabrics.
It should fit the size of the crib easily and I hope she likes to snuggle with it later. :) It's very soft and comfy.
As you can see above I got the animal printed fabric and cut it in strips, wide and narrow and anything in between and I sewed them with a zig zag on top of the yellow fabric letting some of it show through randomly.
This is the final product, this isn't ironed and was straight from the hours on the sewing machine to taking this picture so forgive me that it's all wrinkly and a bit crazy... :)

I'd like to chat longer and post more goodies but I'm off to the gym. :) Happy crafting!

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Lena said...

I missed seeing this blanket.. Darn! It looks so cute and soft! Good job! :)