23 June 2009

A Father's Day Card

Well last post I showed you what a great gift my husband got me on a whim the day before Father's Day. It was great, it is great and I've got to use it and I'm estatic! So I thought I'd show the first card I made with it.... his Father's Day card :)
I wanted to do something other than Happy Father's Day or You're Number One or whatever... so I chose this. Thanks and Love... Thanks because he is truly the best father I could have imagined for our kids and love because well... we love him tremendously. I always have a hard time doing masculine cards but I don't think this one is too bad... :) I got a couple green papers and slapped em' together with love.. I traced the THANKS with a black sharpie to make it stand out more and I distressed some of the corners with some tearing.. I put the cursive love on top to make it stand out more in black.
I rounded th corners and in the inside I added anther green paper to the top inside to cover the sharpie tracing that came through and I added some of the same stripes from the outside paper for the inside to jazz it up.

Here's an up close of the THANKS and some of the tearing... Daniel said, ummm did you mess up, I said no I meant that... hellooo duh! haha :) just kidding, he doesn't always "get" my card style. :)
Final product - TA-DA!! Happy Father's Day Daniel and to all the father's all over... :) Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be back soon.. PROMISE! :)

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