22 May 2009

I'm here, like promised!

First of all I want to say be safe this weekend! I know there will be tons of bike riding, bbq's, drinking and fun, but please be careful!

Also, please don't forget what this weekend is all about and what Memorial Day is really about. There are thousands upon thousands of Soldiers that have given their life for our freedom, and there are still thousands that gladly sign their life away to continue that freedom. So please remember our Soldiers, past and present, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, Active, Reserves or National Guard!
Now on to crafty stuff... Today is the last day of school for the girls and I thought it would be a good thank you to the Mikayla's teacher if I made her something. I really liked her teacher, she helped her excell beyond what she could have done on her own or with my help. She pushed her and she motivated her and she was a good supporter of helping her get into the excelerated classes. :) Way to go!

In my many visits to their classroom I noticed that her teacher didn't have a nameplate on her desk so I thought I'd make one for her. :)
Here it is. I really liked it and she said she thought it was great and sooo crafty!
It was originally the top to a photo box, I cut the ends off the short side, bent it in half and began covering it with paper. The paper is from Paper Studio, called Oops-A-Daisy.
I got a pack of these big cardboard, glittery letters on clearance and I don't remember what brand they are, sorry, but they're self-adhesive and worked great for this.
The little letters are from a letter stack I found on sale at JoAnns for Christmas. I roughed up the edges with an Xacto knife and then with sand paper. I roughed up the edges on everything this same way.
The flowers I put together with a little lime grommet and roughed that with sand paper too. I used some swirly templates from a few cutouts in the Cosmo Cricket line for their Christmas pack. I used the Oops-A-Daisy papers for them too so everything would match.
It's simple, not too crazy but yet it's teacher-y, I think she liked it and I hope to make another in the future, maybe for another teacher or maybe for me for my office at work. :)
So be safe, be healthy and be crafty this weekend.. :)


Lauren said...

Very cool! The bright colors are so fun.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

This is really cute! I bet she LOVED it! Love the color scheme!