15 May 2009

I'M HERE! And with a card too!!!

I know, I know, don't pass out; I'm blogging and I got pictures of a card I did! WHOA! I told you I'd be here on Friday's to blog and I try not to make a liar out of myself so here I am! I didn't post last Friday because I was on my way to NMSU to go to my cousin's graduation. Congratulations Hannah, college is a crazy thing to get through and you did it! We're all so proud of you!

NMSU's colors are red and gold, so I tried to keep with the theme, the colors are a bit off but I think I made the point :) Here it is :)I use the Cricut to cut out the big "C" of course, and I freehanded the "congrats" on the bottom of the C. I used some red patterned paper and crumpled it to break up all the solids and tore the edge of the red paper to create an edgey feel. I also sandpapered some of the yellow/gold paper too.
Here is a little up close, not in focus picture... :) I inked black around the "C" to make a definate outline when it met back with the yellow card part. I think it came out cute. :)
So here's the happy graduate, way to go HANNAH! :)
This was us, the family, in the crowd, do you think she noticed us??? hahaha... By the way this lady in the blue, she's not with us... But I decided not to crop her out, just because she's so happy!
There were 6 signs total but the pink and the green holders on the end were slacking when I took this picture! :) P.S. I made the signs too, so this is a double crafty post today! Way to go me! LOL. Oh yeah you see that guy in the black and white shirt trying to figure out his camera??? That's Jeremy, shout out to Jeremy and his honey Emily (she's hiding behind the congrats hannah sign) since they gave me hell for not posting to my blog in a while! haha
I'll be back next Friday and maybe even again this weekend, you never know!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

She's adorable! CONGRATULATIONS HANNAH! What an accomplishment! I love the card!! Hello to you! I hope you're doing well!!

Lauren said...

Great card. I love the pix too! Welcome back the blog world.