01 May 2009

oh how I miss you blog world!!!

I have been so out of the blog world I think I'm lost! Help me find my way back!!
The good news is that I haven't been gone for no reason. I got this new job in September and I've been unable to log in to the blogger! Which I really can't complain about since, at least I have a job in these tough times.
Other reasons I haven't had time to check in on the weekends is that for one, it's birthday season in the house and so my weekends have been full, two, graduations are coming up, and three, I've been working another side job in my off time.. :)
I'm taking my hand at wedding planning, making invitations, flower arrangements, bouquets, and taking photos of various things. I really am enjoying it, it's tiring but it's something that I really like to do. I'll be posting some pictures soon and giving the link to my Etsy site. I just really have to get a new computer because the old 2003 laptop that I'm using isn't cutting it! Matter of fact, I'm lucky it's still turning on!!! haha...
I miss you all, I haven't deserted you, I check in on your blogs thru my blackberry sometimes and although I'm a lurker I still see all the fantastic and crafty stuff you're all still doing! I love it and I'll be back soon! I PROMISE!!!

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