01 May 2008

Catching up

I'm behind a couple days but I have good reason, and to tell you the truth... I really didn't even want to post today but here I am (and maybe a little testy).... On Monday I started feeling sick, Tuesday still not better, Tuesday night, had another misscarriage, worst thing was that I didn't even know I was pregnant. I'm on the pill but for me that really doesn't mean much considering that I got pregnant on the pill twice already. I should know better right? Well I'm here, upset, sore and feeling like I need to sleep another few days! Yeah people... days!

On a good note though, my mom and dad are moving in with us tomorrow and I can't wait! The girls are going to LOVE having them around all the time! Not to mention it will be a HUGE help for me, especially since I'll have surgery on my knee in the next month or so (UGH) and school is ending in a few weeks so they get to hang out with Grandma all summer! YAY! I wish I could be so lucky, but I'm here, stuck at work, chatting to a computer that rarely answers back. :(

So in other news, we got a new truck, no wait... let me re-phrase that... my husband got a new truck. I cannot believe how much the cost of vehicles have went up in the last few years, insane! Besides that I'll be cleaning out my extra room tonight for my parent's arrival tomorrow, and we get to go see George Lopez live on Saturday, he's so funny, it will be a blast!

Okay I know I started this blog in hopes to be SUPER-crafty but I'm really leaning towards changing the idea of this blog. I complain alot about worldly things, I hate politics, I'm a "common-sense" type of gal and don't get me wrong, I love my crafts but I'm not sure thats ALLLL I want to talk about here. So let me know??!!??? What do you think I should do??? Would I be really lame if I left this darn "Crafty" title and still blabbed about everything other than craftiness? I still plan on being crafty but being that I have little time to craft I know I won't have something crafty for each post... get it? Well let me know...

In the news, we have a huge fire burning here in NM and it doesn't look good, especially because the winds are bad and have been picking up all day. So I watched the news last night and one thing I can't stand are ---stupid questions--- I know in school they tell you, there's no such thing as a stupid question.. blah...blah...blah... but really there IS! This fire is going on and people are being evacuated and the news crew is on the side of the road tormenting these people and asking questions as they drive away from their homes.... This is how it went...

News Guy: Sir, sir... wait... stop... sir, I see you're leaving in the evacuation (DUH! I mean really what gave it away, my whole family piled in a truck with our most valuable assets and animals in the back, in a line of people evacuating???)

Man: (crying) Yes, they told us we had to leave because our homes and families were in danger and in direct line of the fire. (really, really crying now)

News Guy: So how does this make you feel? (It makes me feel like I want to punch you in the face for asking me such a STUPID question! How the hell do you think it makes me feel, they just told me we're in danger and we have to leave our house and belongings behind, how would you feel?)

Man: I can't talk to you anymore. (and he drove away---rightfully so)

If you didn't get that I was the one talking in the (parenthesis) then I can't help you, you'll have to re-read it and hope you understand...
But really, where do News Guys come up with this stuff, it's not rocket science, of course the guy feels bad, he probably built that house with his bare hands and his wife probably made every curtain in the house, I don't know but obviously he feels bad, for goodness sake's he's crying and he has a loaded truck of stuff, driving down the street, hoping and praying that his house of 30 years doesn't burn down.... C'mon people, c'mon News Guys, I know you're smarter than that!


~Nancy~ said...

Hey there Liz! Thanks again for your sweet comment on my blog! I hope you're enjoying your weekend until so far! You were wondering what I'm using to create my circles.. well, I'm using an Orbis circle cutter.. I wrote a little post about it on my blog which you can find HERE:http://nancyvandenberg.blogspot.com/2008/01/we-have-winner-and-little-layout.html
Hugs Nancy

Joann said...

Liz, I am very sorry about your loss! I can't imagine going through something like that. And I so agree about the stupid news guys asking stupid questions!