05 May 2008

Sooo Sorry

I have been out of the blogging loop for a few days, oh alright 4 days. I just haven't really felt like blogging forgive me... or don't... hah :) But anywho, I'm here today and stressed out as usual but on Sunday I get to go to Austin with my hubby and get some ME time while he's in training for work. I can't wait, I rarely have time away to be alone or with my husband alone, and I think that now is the best time to have a few days off. So I'll be gone from Sunday to Thursday, I will be taking pictures and posting while I'm gone I hope but NO promises :)

Okay so I was cleaning my house on Friday and Saturday because I can't stand clutter! I hate it! I feel closterphobic with it so I threw out stuff and put stuff away for a yard sale I plan to do Saturday. YAY! But while I was cleaning I realized I have a 'problem'. I buy more kids' books than anyone I have ever or will ever know. My mom agreed with me on this subject this morning. Which is okay by me because really it's for the benefit of my daughters, I LOVE to read and being able to pass that passion of reading to my daughters is amazing. I love the idea of reading, the creativity, the imagination, the feeling you get when you read of serenity. Is it me or does everyone feel like this when they read? Well if not oh well, that's how I feel and that's how I hope to have the girls feel, like they can doooo anything and they can imagine anything. So here's a picture of my girls' bookshelf.

This isn't all of them, these bookshelves are about 5.5 feet tall and when all the books are here where they are supposed to be, it's completely FULL!
These are all the "chapter books" that the girls are into now, I love it because alot of them are books that I read when I was little... :)
More books, I organized this in a way that they are seperated into reading levels, my pre-schooler, my soon to be 1st grader (whom reads 3rd grade level almost) and my 3rd grader.
See all these books have only been accumulating for the past 5 years, and like I said there are many more scattered throughout my house, my other daughter's room, closets, toy boxes and their play room. But do you think it's an addiction or just the idea that I have to better educate my children. I trullyyyyyy think that these books are the reason my 6 year old is reading at a 3rd grade level and why she's been a quick learner since she was small. I read to her every day and now she reads EVERY DAY! She actually reads more than I do now, I love it!

Sorry it's way off the "crafty" subject but I thought I would mention it, just because... so hate it or love it... either way leave me comment :)

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ScrapMomOf2 said...

My girls and I are all readers! We all have a lot of books. We buy them at the library book sale all the time, and I buy them at garage sales too. Plus, we're always at the library. Yep, books are fantastic!