22 May 2008

Happy Graduation Mikayla! (and Austin pics)

Yesterday was Mikayla's last day of school and she is officially a First Grader now! Ohhhh how I can't believe that time is going so fast! Isn't she the cutest kindergartener ever??? This is Mikayla with Ms. Bowman, which I have to say has been the best kindergarten teacher I have ever known! Hands down she has a way with these kids and she's a great teacher. I am so happy she was the one to lead Mikayla on the path to her exciting education! So thank you Ms. Bowman! I know she doesn't read my blog but everyone needs to know how great she is... and I have a little something in the mail for her :)

Another thing I may or may not have mentioned was Mikayla's End of the Year Report, all her classmates had to do a 15-20 minute presentation on an animal or planet. Mikayla chose Giraffes and I was proud that she did it all on her own. They had to answer several questions and do some visuals for the class. These were hers, 1 fact-the giraffe's tongue is 18 inches long, and the life cyle-baby calf, older calf, and adult. Way to go Mikayla!Geesh, I hadn't realized I was so behind in posting pictures and what was going on... Nothing like having life slap you in the face and mess up your regularly scheduled programs. :)
So like I said a few days ago, I tagged along with my husband to Austin. Here is a pic of the college first off.Across the street is this church, and by golly I love photographing churches, actually I love photographing everything and sometimes not in the most obvious way a photo should be but here is the church across the street from the college. I was experimenting with my black and white camera option and I think this looked nice. :)Although I ventured around Austin by myself I thought it was great opportunity to go to a few places I knew my husband would rather not go, the college being one and the other being the Umlauf Statue Park. Umlauf is a well known artist down in Austin, mainly because he went to the college and whatever, the lady at the park gave me the story but I really wasn't paying attention because I just wanted to hurry up and go outside to photograph the art. So sorry Park Lady but really.... if I wanted an explanation I really would have asked. I am a firm believer that anyone can create art, it may not be what YOU specifically like but there are so many different types of art and everyone likes something different. You can be as great as Leonardo or you can splatter some paint if you like... :) Anywho I'm a fan of all arts and I love taking pictures of it all so here are some bronze statues, some in color, some in black and white of works done by Umlauf. Enjoy and remember these are copywrite of Elizabeth Poe, if you want to use them ask me and we can arrange something.Those were my favorites out of my bunch, now for some regular in the park pics that I took while walking on the park's trail.I was hungry and I saw these, they looked appetizing but I didn't eat them, I probably would have died. hah!Doesn't this look so serene? I could sit here and listen to the water and read all day or sleep.... I loved it!This is the same tree from different angles, I put it in black and white and thought it came out good. Reminds me of a scary halloweeny tree. Sorry but I didn't upload the color version of the tree so you could compare. Oh well. I like it like this anyway! :) Have a good Thursday!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

My girls have had some of the BEST teachers. I'm so grateful that they have . . . because teacher's influence them so much. Your daughter is very cute. Love the giraffe project.

Gorgeous photos! I love the water photo. I love to listen to water too.

Lauren said...

Great photos. She is one of the cutest kindergarteners ever!