21 November 2008

Showing love for the Craft Stores!

Okay, I am a lover of Hobby Lobby by all means and they always have insane great sales, discounts and tons to choose from. The sale this week has an online coupon for 40% off one item so here is the coupon
Michaels is one that I rarely go to, the only reason for this is because it's further from my house than HL... Sorry but it's true, stupid I know but true nonetheless. However I will be going on Sunday because they are having a 5 Hour Blowout Sale and from that link you can click on "more coupons" and there are some other good coupons.
And then we get to JoAnns, which by the way I'd only heard of, they have a few on the opposite side of town from where I live so I never went, I was all about closeness being easy, convenient and let's face it, the gas prices were sucking so I wasn't going across town to save $1 on something... BUT, they just opened one close to my house! Uh Oh! haha :) I went there lastnight and it is GREAT! I love all the fabrics, the crafting section and the scrabook area.. What I also like is that they have about 6 racks of $1 items that are pretty decent for $1... I am all about cheap! :) I mean thrifty, frugal, cheap, whatever you want to call it, I SAVE MONEY! :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

So, post a photo of what you got!! I love looking at goodies!!

OK, blog candy alert on my blog Lucky Liz!! Go check it out and leave a comment!! Post about it on your blog too! Tell them I sent you!!

Nancy Face said...

Joann is my favorite because it's only two minutes from my house! :)

I've always liked Michael's, but it's further away, so I hardly ever go there any more! ;)

Hobby Lobby is REALLY far away from me, but I checked it out recently and loved it! :)

Lauren said...


Heather said...

Great Deals! Our JoAnn's closed and we do not have a Michaels so it is HL all the way for me!!!!

Of course with 3 little ones 6 and under I rarely go anywhere!! Ha ha