09 September 2008

Does my last week have to = BUSY????

Okay, how's this for work??? I told them 2 weeks ago that I was giving my 3 week notice! THREE WEEKS people! 3! So this is my last week, I end working here on Friday, I am all of a sudden, out of nowhere BOMBARDED with work!!! Where was this work when I actually needed something to do??? eh?? anyone??? eh? Is this thing on? EXACTLY!

Other than my frustration level peaking all time highs around here, my weekend was GREAT! My girls would agree that the concert was so... much.... FUN! How fun it was for me and my mom to watch a three year old and two six year olds rock out at a concert!! Ohhhh I loved it! It made me tear up that they were having so much fun and that they got to experience it. This is Mikayla and her friend from school. Can you feel the love???
This is Nevaeh waiting for the next song to start... How cute is she????:)
This is Corbin Bleu.... The pictures are a little rough but it was really dark! And my camera doesn't take very good night pics... ugh... I actually took 2 cameras! Mine and my husbands, these are only the photos from my husband's because mine didn't want to upload, I'll have more for you tomorrow from mine :)
This is Vanessa Hudgens and 2 of her dancers... the crowd went WILD when she first came out.. it was deafening, the sound of thousands of screaming kids!
There they are again, against the backdrop the picture wasn't so bad...
There's Corbin again, and again another blurry pic.. ugh...
This one is better, you can see all his crazy hair! :) And who knew he was buff??? haha
It's Vanessa again, look at those tights? Spandex? Well whatever they are she must have them in every color. Haha
Geesh, bad, bad, pictures... sorry! I'll have more pictures, (hopefully better ones) from my other camera tomorrow... :) have a good night :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Your girls are so cute! I think your photos are actually pretty good! I'm glad you guys had fun! What a great experience for your gals!!

Lauren said...

Looks like a fun time. Hope your week calms down a little.