23 September 2009

Facebook is my social life... sad....

okay... losing it.... now.... today... not like all the other times..
I am just so messed up, I can't remember what day it is, who has an appointment with which doctor, what I'm doing at work, forgetting school fundraiser stuff.
I think that most of it has to do with Facebook, it has consumed my life. It's really sad first off that Facebook is my only form of a social life. It's not blocked at work, so it gives me adequate time to fiddle on it EVERY DAY! I can keep in contact with people I normally wouldn't see or hear from. I get to see pictures of my family alllll the time! :) YAY!

So when does it become too much? Does too much Facebook consist of me sitting at work or at home or in my car (using my Facebook Blackberry application of course) and hitting REFRESH, REFRESH, because I just know that any second someone will add their 2 cents to something or update their status. I allllllso like to create topies on my Facebook that will create lots of comments. I like to see exactly how many comments I can create on one post. Yesterday I think I got 26 comments on one post.. yay me... Where's the trophy? Where's the money prize?

LAME, I know, but really, I think I'm losing it and I owe it all to Facebook... blah!

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