16 September 2009

So I'm sore today.... and the Balloon Fiesta!

Okay... I'm really sore, why you ask? Cause I finally got my lazy butt off the couch and went to the gym two, say again TWO days in a row. Why? Because I'm sick of being a hefty 5'2" woman with too much meat on her bones! Andddd I got a wedding to be in, in May and I really would rather I wasn't "the big one" of the wedding party! :) Just sayin', I think that's how "other" people that didn't know me would refer to me as... They'd see a picture, be like oh yeah but who's that "big girl"? That would be ME!

Anyhow... I'm gonna try real hard to get this weight off, even if it hurts like hell to walk for another 4 weeks, I'm going to get it done... finally!

In other news I thought I'd post some pics. In about two weeks is the International Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque and honestly this is my favorite time of year here. I love it! I take pictures almost every day of Balloon Fiesta and this will be the first year taking pics at the Fiesta with my Nikon so I CANNOT WAIT! Can you feel my excitement!?! You can check out more info at Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.
This is amazing and I have got my girls to enjoy it just as much as me, so they don't mind waking up at 430 in the morning on a Saturday to watch the balloons! :)
The skies are so colorful for 2 whole weeks and it's amazing!
I love all the balloons but there are special character balloons too, over 100, and I just saw Smokey the Bear rolling into town 2 days ago.. They have trading cards for all the balloons and me and the girls are on a mission to someday get them all :)
I am counting down the days!
These are all pictures I took last year but I'll be posting more from this year in a few weeks. I can't wait!!!!!!!!

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Diane said...

Those are beautiful pictures!