15 September 2009

Humm... 2 in a row :)

Sounds good to me, I'm also still trying to figure out the whole 12,000 visitors to my blog, and about 9,000 of them in the last month or so. If you know, let me know, then we can know together and I won't feel like such a moron because then I'll know what's going on, on MY blog. :)

If you don't know me, I'm a procrastinator, I'm also crazy, why? Well I insist on being busy every waking second of my life, which means I get little sleep because I'm always catching up on all the stuff I was procrastinating on. :) Ya see how that goes hand in hand. :)

I overwhelm myself completely because I work well under pressure. I enjoy having the feeling that I may or may not make a deadline but you will always get my best work. I recently started a photography business here in Albuquerque NM, it's called elizabeth poe photography. I am trying to work on my website, so don't ask... :) or not yet anyway. I'm also doing wedding planning, I fell in love with planning my wedding and I'm addicted to anything wedding related, movies, shows, cakes, favors, wedding styles, dresses, you get the idea. I'm addicted!
So it doesn't feel like much work to plan a wedding for me, while brides get stressed to no end, I'm their reliever, or I would love to be the relief they are looking for.

So while I'm still working a full time job, doing just about nothing from 8 to 5, Monday through Thursday, I'm still booking weddings, photo shoots and consultations. I love it. The busy life I'm living now is what makes me happy, I'm glad I can be of anyone's assistance. :)
I'm figuring I will be creating a new blog... my photography blog. I hope you enjoy it, I hope I can stick to it and you'll be able to see all my work. :)

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