23 December 2008

I'm here but not for long...

Short but sweet post again, I still have tons of work to do at work and even more to do at home for the holidays... So sorry that I haven't been blog hopping and leaving comments but I'll catch up and things will all be well next week. :) Happy Holidays everyone!
My favorite little man with Santa, he unlike the girls took a liking to Santa right away! :) The girls had to walk around for a while and think about it before going to talk to Santa but I think he pulled them in with candy canes. :)
Cute! Nevaeh is finally understanding the whole Santa stuff so it's cute and adorable and she can't wait to leave him cookies and leave food for the reindeer! Neither can I! :)
Yes it's a carrot and they are inside the carrot... There is a new addition to the Botanical Gardens and everything is HUGE, it's like you're itty bitty in a large garden, it's cute! We got to go inside a pumpkin and see huge carrots like this!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Seriously Liz, could they be any cuter? Absolutely not! They are adorable! I love the coats your girls have! Such mini divas! Love the big carrot too! How fun! Great Santa pics! Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

Sasha said...

What up boo bear .. love the pics lol they are too too cute .. girl you ready for tomorrow .. it is the big big day right .. girl I am ready for it to come and be over with .. my 10 year old told my 4 year old the truth well you know about him, that guy, in the suit .. yah long story short I was like what can you do ..but I dont think he remembered we will see tomorrow .. okay so what is going on after that, whatou got planned for the new years boo